Now Accepting Positions for Pro Douchebags: Ed Hardy Snowboards

I’m not one for lots of shit talking but really this sucks. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again this Ed Hardy crap is mass produced licensing apparel for the meathead crowd. This stuff is really nothing more than a starter jacket for people with too much self tanner, hair gel and no idea about snowboarding.

Don’t ask me why I find this stuff so abrasive. One could make the argument that everybody has a line they won’t cross. I can say that this just pushes me over the edge as it has nothing to do with, was born of, or contributes to snowboarding. At least some other commercial ventures are more overt in their intent. Ed hardy does a good job of portraying a brand that’s a poor mans smoke and mirrors marketing effect. Also maybe it the fact that the Head D-Bag in charge was the same kook behind Von Dutch. Yeah, way to market a cantankerous old racist. Then again I guess if this guys is going after head cases Jason Jesse has a shot of being a billionaire in his twilight years.

Look at the catalog and have a good laugh. Remember when you spend your dollars next year these guys are out there for your money, not to support snowboarding.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

9 thoughts on “Now Accepting Positions for Pro Douchebags: Ed Hardy Snowboards

  1. Only threw up a little bit? Good God, I’m looking at my tortilla soup and beer for the 2nd time tonight. How long til we start seeing Affliction on the slopes as well? Then the jersey guidos in Von Dutch and wannabe tough guys in Affliction can rumble a la West Side Story to see who wins the d-bag in overpriced T-shirt crown.

  2. Ed hardy should stick to those GAY FAGGET RAGS they call tshirts and keep thier paws off a sport that has been through many years in the making!!!! Their team rider is gonna be the outcast of the century!!!

  3. maybe they can bring something good to the sport. you never know. why all the judgement? It's America doesn't everybody have a dream. Ohh I forgot the people that actually have the time to blog all their hate don't have jobs they just live off their parents. Grow up . Besides you don't own the sport . Won't it help everyone in the long run and finally get us some of the recognition and support we've been looking for? For such amazing people you sure are closed minded.

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