Candidly Speakin #1 With Neal hendrix, Mike Mo, P-Rod & Terry Kennedy

So, the rock and roll lifestyle of a pro skater is much more mundane than you would ever really imagine. A pro once said to me the thing he hated and loved equally was the waiting. Killing time between sessions can be fun or a drag. through the power of Facebook and Twitter you can occasionally peer behind the curtain and realize these guys are pretty similar to you and I. Only they get to travel and make a living from doing what they love. But, truth be told, there’s a sacrifice that comes with it. Injury to time away from friend n’ family all take their toll. So take a quick peek at a few pics that made me smile or as I like to call it in the wonderment of Us magazine — Skaters they’re just like us!

TK, P-Rod and blended coffee drinks. I guess everybody needs their Starbucks/ Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf fix. But hey, it’s been hot in Los Angeles I can dig it.
Photo – Shad Lambert

Dear Woodward,
Can you please put in the brochure if Mike Mo is an official vert coach or designated heckler. Thanks.

The best part here is Neal Hendrix cracking up
Photo: Unknown

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