Sneak Peek: Vans No Skool Tre

The funny thing about having lived and skated in Australia a long ways back is this: I can see how somebody like Dustin Dollin evolves. Every time I stepped out my door in Oz I usually found something new to skate or when rolling around the spots just magically appeared. The great thing is that none of them were a bust the way things are today in the states. With the fertile terrain why the hell shouldn’t you have these little children of gnar?

OK, more to the point Vans is rollin’ out the seventh Dustin Dollin pro model the No Skool Tre. A few things you may or may not appreciate, first up, slimmer cut. Yep, while some shoes are drifting back to moon boot turf this one is cut down nice and slim. Next up, and the thing I am looking forward to in Vans shoes this summer, a low profile cupsole. I know everybody loves them some vulcanized shoes. Try being old and on your third set of knees. Trust me the shock absorption will come in handy. As a matter of fact I think we should ask Convoy Skater Jason Choi to test these out. Jason or Big E hit me up and lets see what we can work out…

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