25 thoughts on “Eric Koston on Nike SB ?

  1. Koston is just another greedy american goin for the money and setting the stage for all skaters to just sign with someone for (more) money … I am sure Mike Mo will “sell-out” next !

  2. Man fuck all this negative talk about Nike. They have a solid team and are doing something for skating. People have skated in Nikes for so long. And the Nike SB blazers are by far the best skate shoes I’ve ever skated besides the Lakai Manchester. Stop being such fucking idiots. Try a pair of SB’s and shut the fuck up. I mean, look at their team…I guess Chet Childress, Lance Mountain, Daniel Shimizu, Matt Beach, Gino Iannucci, Stefan Janoski, Omar Salazar, Brian Anderson, and Weiger Van Wageningen are all sell outs and only do it for the money. Def not because of the support from Nike or the good shoes that they make. Oh theres more people on the team and plenty of kids that are am or flow for them.

  3. if anyone has ever looked, koston is a huge nike beast.his closet is full of nikes.google it.so im doubting him on nike. but also not sure where he will fall.

  4. there was summin in an interview that said he would go to a company like nike if they paid him enough, money grabbing scumkoston was good on ES, he obviously moved to lakai to grab a spot in the video and now he is wanting the money and going to nike.FUCK YOU KOSTON!

  5. Dude chill out yeah it suck that kostons off lakai and yeah it was hella shady and he will probly go to Nike but who cares he shreds and has constantly improved skateboarding since 93 and he will still be part of lakai so his influnce will still be there and fuck it if he wants to get payed then let him this is America after all and I would stillsupport koston because of crailtap so quit judging and go skate

  6. first off, koston has oodles of money and he has no concern for the cash-flow whatsoever. you kids need to realize that money isn’t shit when it comes to skating. second, I personally think he just “left” to promote the new election series but we’ll see… as far as him wearing nike’s, it’s quite alright. I mean, he sports some in Fully Flared and Alex Olson sports half cab’s in that movie as well.you gotta understand, the skate industry is RUN by skaters. it’s not like when a company sees one of the team members sporting another brand they get all butt hurt.

  7. to everyone hatin on koston,just know that he's done more for skateboarding than any of u ever will.sure his departure from lakai blows,but he's eric fuckin koston.he can get any sponsor he wants.even if he ends up on nike sb,that wud be sick as fuck.have you skated in the blazers?enough said.so stop hatin.increase the peace.

  8. yeah alex olson wore half cabs in fully flared but then he left lakai for vansso its entirely possible that koston has left lakai for nikeand also if u watch Text Yoself Beefo Yo Wreck Yoself with Justin Brock and Daryl Angel on The Berrics, Koston does a Nollie Lazer in a pair of Nikes, so yeahhhttp://theberrics.com/dailyopspost.php?postid=1093

  9. man u guys are all haters sure the fucking lakia team was great but guess the fuck what nike is better, it always will be beter, lakia, emerica, and es make shoes to rip honestly they make shitty shoes to rip. Nike on the oother hand doesnt because they can affford not to. Look nike has all of these other deparments in sneaker, nike sb is one of the smallest. Thats wjhy they can afford to make decent shoes unlike emrica who wants kids shoes to break so they go out and get more of emerica u goot learn anyways nike sb tam kills it p-rod, wieger, oneil i mean fuck lakia

  10. you people need to be real. if someone was gonna pay you millions to do what you love, you wouldn't think twice about it. you kids probably can't even kickflip. nike sb's are legit skateboarding shoes. if you're gonna hate on anyone for selling out, his name is ryan sheckler dummies.

  11. he's on Nike you fucks go to the berrics website it fucking says welcome the team eric which is the nike team so stop your bitching you nigger,Jew,fuck,bitch,bastard,porch monkey people

  12. man nike shoes are HORRIBLE!!! they have no BOARD feel what so ever!! it's like skating with a big pillow huging ur feet!! it's terrible! the manchesters are the best shoes, maybe a pair of DVS's are better. only downside about machesters is they come half a size bigger!!!!!!!!! but darn koston! you better not starting liking nike!

  13. Hey, why not just enjoy skateboarding and not worry who signs for who. You'll get your chance when you go pro one day to decide for yourself who you want to sign for, but for now, just keep skating 'cause you fucking love skateboarding, not because you "Have to beat one of the pros (whether he's a sell out or has a sudden change of heart for a shoe company).-Down For Life

  14. fuck nike sb…nike does have the best team and best filmers because they bought all of it.they not only bought koston off lakai but the also bought jon holland off transworld to film their video… nike is in skateboarding for the money.. when was the last time you seen the owners of nike put out their own video part of them skating??? never… the owners of nike never stepped foot on a skateboard and they are only in it because they think its the next hot thing.. now think when have u seen andrew reynolds the owner of emerica or rick howard and mike carroll owers of lakai put out a video part??? theese are the real skateboard shoe companys… "for skateboarders, by SKATEBOARDS" basicly skateboarders run skateboarding… if kids think nike sb is sick because they have a sick team because they own a shoe for every sport and can afford to pay their riders thousands of dollars to wear their product, then kids will buy their shoe… while the true skate shoes which are owed by skateboarders have a decrease in sales forcing them to go out of buisness.. pretty much nike being a multi-billon dollar company is taking over the skateboard indusrty and forcing it to become a main-stream sport with no creativity or passion.. and thats what skateboarding is CREATIVITY AND PASSION.. with out that, it is just another dumb sport. its up to you to decide if you want to ruin skateboarding for future genertaions just because your favorite skater wears nikes..point is boycott nike sb!!! buy "real" skateboarding shoes

  15. the kid who thinks nike sb is only in it because they think its a fad is dead wrong theyve been putting out shoes since 99 when skateboarding was not very big and before you get all crazy on me they where putting out skate shoes in 99 look at the pro b's they where the original nike skate boarding they did by their team because its the smart thing to do as a capitalistic person i respect that their team how ever is not the best lakai and even etnies hav better teams yes nike has some of the "hotest" skateboarders but look at the other teams they have mike mo, devine calloway, sean malto, mikey taylor, mike carrol, bieble, and even fallen has chris cole who is possibly the best skateboarder of all time so nike may have bought a great team but the industries not going to die because they took koston from lakai

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