Demo and Product Drops: Convoy Skateboards

Coming hot on the heels of Easter Shoe Hunt Convoy Skateboards is rolling out several new decks and hitting up Charm City this weekend with a few other skate lumber companies for a little Demo on Sunday April 19th.

So first things first. get your ass out to Baltimore this weekend and go see or skate with the Convoy team. That’s always a good time. Road trip, skate, hang out, lurk, roll the bones. Do what you gotta do but be there. I think you’ll be quite pleased with yourself if you do.

Next up if you need new wood it doesn’t hurt to support the little guy. Sure you might not have your “Berrics x Deathwish Lizard King” collabo deck but hey that would only make you look kinda douchey. Nothing against the Berrics or Deathwish but c’mon people spread the wealth. Mew graphics are solid and this is D.C. are we all sorts of DIY? Keep the cash local and grow our scene here. lets not export our dollars. I personally am a fan of the anchors away in an eight. Well done Convoy Skateboards. Now enjoy a battle of the Pyramid video edit … hooray video!

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