South of the North Interview on the Extreme Scene

Hooray! I’m un-famous. Actually let me back up before we dip into narcissism. So, a few weekends ago Cyruss and Steve from The Extreme Scene radio show up in the Bay Area were kind enough to invite me on air and talk for a few minutes. What happened was a 48 minute rambling conversation  covering everything from MFM to the current issues facing shops and even face tattoos. Yep, it was a weird one. But,a  real fun interview. The guys kept the conversation moving and asked some real good questions. Hint if you here me pause for more than 5 seconds I’m pondering what I’m about to say. So listen to the interview and check out when you can. You might get a chuckle or two.

Tuesday we’ll be recapping Easter Shoe Hunt and then back into the regularly scheduled blargin’

2 thoughts on “South of the North Interview on the Extreme Scene

  1. Brilliant dude.. I really enjoyed listening to that. You make some great points about keeping things within your scene that I fully agree with. I’ll probably throw a link to it on the Sessions.So funny they bought the April Fools joke!

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