Easter Shoe Hunt Prizes Round 3: DC Shoes & Register for Shoe Giveaway

With the Easter Shoe Hunt coming in hot for Saturday I’ve been buzzin’ around non-stop trying to gt the word out. When the idea to do this first hit me about a week ago it all hinged on a few things including the most important part – where are the shoes coming from? I was pretty lucky that Vans and Nike SB jumped in and pretty excited to see DC Shoes was willing to step up as well.

I didn’t hide how stoked I was on DC Shoes last year with the roll out of the Smith 2.0. Getting them to throw in some support is great and I’m psyched to have them on board. Speaking of which if you haven’t checked out DC’s Ask Video Rob series the rolling under current of laughter doesn’t go low tide. Also, in terms of doing something that’s fun to watch make sure you check out DC’s Project Granite on the Berrics. I love the fact that so many sites are now doing use gen contest and it’s spawned off of the Berrics bringing back the notion of how much fun a game of SKATE can be. You can catch the first and second tricks at the home of the Battle. What may be the most impressive piece is how they are drawing incredibly impressive results. Check out these recent winners and runners up selected by PJ. This is why it’s exciting to have DC on board for Easter Shoe Hunt. Yes, they make some solid shoes and super suede has yet to surrender but it’s what they are doing for skating – keeping it fun and interesting that gets me really excited. So haul ass out to Easter Shoe Hunt in Washington D.C. this weekend and score some DC Shoes. Hell even Renee Renee thinks it’s going to be a good time.

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