Easter Shoe Hunt Prizes Round 2 – Convoy Skateboards

Tuesday was a pretty crazy day. It was up and at ’em bright and early to stat sending out e-mails for Easter Shoe Hunt publicity. After a long day at the office I was stoked to come home to a bunch of prizes having shown up. The most interesting of which was hand delivered. Yeah, Convoy Skateboards has come through with a grip of decks, some shirts and sweatshirts for this weekends Easter Shoe Hunt. hey, we have to keep it marginally legit for all the skaters.in the area. Eamon from Convoy hand delivered the goods and then broke out for parts unknown. Eamon will be along for part of the Easter Shoe Hunt ride this coming Saturday.

Convoy has been on the D.C. skate scene since 2005 and doe s a great job of putting on local events and making sure skating continues to grow and thrive in DC-MD-VA. Recently Canvoy put on a another Battle of the Pyramid contest at Arlington Skate Park.This was another example of how tight knit our skate community is and what we do to keep it alive. Hopefully Convoy keeps on trucking into more local shops and we get to see them blow up right in front of our eyes.

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