Easter Shoe Hunt Prizes Round One and Circus Tricks

So the prizes for Easter Shoe Hunt are flowing in. First up from the now blue boxed crew at Nike SB we have kicks certificates to give away. These are what I’ve been getting tweets on all night. As you know sign up to follow South of the North’s Twitter account this Saturday for the Easter Shoe Hunt to upgrade you SB’s.

Speaking of contest…not to draw you away from Easter shoe Hunt but you really need to check out our man Hoon’s Snowboard Virgins contest. All things being what they are hoot doesn’t love a free snowboard and some soda pop? Plus, we will get a few good laughs. Stay tuned for more info on that … Now back to Easter Shoe Hunt!

JJ and Brad at Loyallaces.com hooked up a box of laces for people to lace up during Easter Shoe Hunt. Really appreciate the support guys.
Finally from Boardistan via West World…William Spencer is back. What’s funny is that when this kid isn’t doing fancy-shmancy gymnastics he’s a damn good skater. We’ll delve into this more but in the meantime enjoy the circus tricks.

William Spencer

[Link: Boardistan West World]

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