The One Video You Need to Watch (this weekend)

Usually when I get an e-mail that so and so company has redesigned their website I buckle up for a fun filled ride of bitter disappointment. In this day and age it tales some damn hard work to screw up a website. with hundreds of sites, if not thousands rolled out weekly and agile development keeping the digital product cycle short and sweet, we typically know what works and doesn’t. Not rocket science either people show up and they find something useful or they bail. But, when somebody gets it right sweet georgia brown do they get it right. Case in point – Etnies.

Yep, Etnies relaunched this week and somebody must be serving up the “simple is beautiful” kool aid because their site is lean, mean and super easy to move through. When I finally got around to watching the Japan edit i zoned out for a minute and slipped out to the Far East. Amazing skating, amazing edit and is it just me or doe s Sean Malto seem to get better with each consecutive trick. Not taking anything away from Jose, Kyle, Tyler or any of the other amazing Japanese skaters but jeebus is his skating effortless. As an added bonus you should play “Where’s Brinko” and keep your eyes peeled for Rob Brink lurking. Guaranteed you’ll see him a few time in the background of the video and maybe even spot his finger prints in the redesign. Watch the Etnies team in Japan now and visit the new

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