686 x New Balance Catalogue Pictures

Doing a little re-blogging this Monday morning courtesy of my buddy’s over at Alpine Ski Shop. The Alpine guys have been running with 686 for quite some time now and this season several weeks back it sounded like they had a strong sell through. Take note reps: when you show up, hype up the product and the staff gets behind it that equals sell through. I’m sure you all know this but hey why don’t we just keep saying it until everybody does it.

OK, moving on … 686 has done some interesting collabs over the past few years form Dragon, to Levis to Famous Stars and Straps. Their collaboration with New Balance is going to be one of the more interesting ones. I still haven’t seen or held the product much less tried it out but if the boots manage to retain the simple ethos of New Balance and combine the technical features and eye for detail that 686 has it could be in very high demand next year. In the meantime enjoy the boot and sneaker collab pics.

2 thoughts on “686 x New Balance Catalogue Pictures

  1. Are these made in the USA, like other New Balance products? That might make them damn near, if not the ONLY company manufacturing snowboard boots in the US… That’s a hell of a marketing point, if so.

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