Epicly Good Webcasting: Tampa Pro 2009

I would ordinarily tune in to the US Open of snowbroing live from Stratton Vermont but after going to Go211.com and suffering through the dreck I had to flip away. Out of curiosity I checked out Tampa Pro presented by Skate Park of Tampa and Nike SB, Fuel TV (my former blog employers) had it broadcasting in HD on their website. I’ve seen plenty of bad webcasts in my days at AOL and lots of really good ones. On the skate side it’s really hard to execute this well. I always chalk this up to the minutiae of skating. The subtle movements and they rapid fire execution of tricks is really hard to follow is a small 3×3 screen. But, with the HD broadcast on full screen Fuel TV did a solid job and I have to say have the SPoT guys commentating really rounded it out.

Now this could be a simple case of HD tech rising to meet the expectations and demands of viewers. In this instance I play the role of the viewer for those of you playing along at home. But really it’s the full production. Cutting away to a relevant Nike SB commercial of Justin Brock from their new series? Very smart. Having Fuel TV reporter, pro vert skater and Southofthenorth.com reader Neil Hendrix outside the comp doing stand up interviews with skaters? Brilliant. Those little things actually give you a perspective that you are at the Tampa Pro that you do have a front row seat to the action and you get all of this without suffering through the moat race. Well done SPoT Nike SB and Fuel. It’s nice to see somebody get it for a change. Tune in at Fuel.tv

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