Coming In March …

Ah, so March is here and you’ll have to forgive the recent lacks of posting. First up I was recovering from a shred trip to Utah. Now, I certainly wish I could say ‘holy shit it was epic and I blew the fucking roof off the Beehive state!” But, then I would be lying my ass of. Truth be told: it was epic. However, there is nothing more humbling than going from your little piece of shit hill that’s an hour and half drive each way to shred 900 vertical feet once a week and then strapping on a beacon hiking and dropping in on a bowl. The two don’t even really compare. Humbled? Fuck yes I was humbled but the crew I was riding with a the type of crew you wish for in that situation. Relentless with the “that’s what she said jokes” and making sure it all stayed in the concept of good fun. I do want to thank the whole crew for riding with me out there you guys were great, thanks for the fun times. Also thanks to my buddy Josh who took his rest day to show me around Brighton on my final day out there. Josh dialed it back to about 10% and was still whipping my ass all over the hill. So I know a few things that need to be resolved before I head west again but I’m certainly looking forward to it. Thanks again everybody.

So later this month there will be more product previews rolling out. As you can see by the stats from last month it’s generated a good chuck of interest. More sneak peeks will be sliding out for sure. Also, I’ll be puling out a new set of bindings this week and new board to demo/review. I’ve been saving this for a post Utah trip and now is about the right time to set it up. Stay tuned and of course keep riding until your legs give out.

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