Nike SB March 2009

Well it’s been awhile since I did an SB drop. What with all the snowboard craziness going on. Actually, Ive been out snowboarding more than anything else. If I can emulate the same motivation to go skate this year will be more fun than any I can remember in a long, long time. Sneakers, well most people need them for skating. Unless you are Wenning and claim Timbo’s up and down in a weird video that pops up on the interweb. But, I digress…

So the bigger thing lurking in the back of my head …dos Nike SB still have the demand that other shoes are sneaking in on? For sure SB’s are easier to get your hands on these days than in the past and for fat old guys like me having a little extra cushioning on the feet doesn’t hurt. So I’ll be interested to see if the swoosh keeps pumping dollars into their footwear and team. In the meantime here are the March 2009 SB drops. The first shoe is the Blazer low hybrid which gives a leather blazer upper and a zoom harbor sole.
Next up is the Nike Sb Blazer X Stevie Dread collab. Stevie takes a little influence from his hometown of Chicago for this one. Being a fan of all things Chicago myself (Cubs, Bulls, Bears, Bozo the Clown, the Shed, Old Style and the Sea Walls) I think these will land in my possession. The first pic is from CCS and has the usual Nike SB tab.
Next up is a pics from the shoe release event and …

Last but not least is the image of the shoe from Hypebeast. See the tab? Yeah that’s the Chicago flag. Pretty cool. Hey SB! How about a pair of D.C. kicks?

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