2010 Vans Snowboard Preview: Vans X POW Collab

Now, if you are somebody who loves winter the way I do you tend to notice the little things. Like say a massive shift in global climate that causes winter to go completely hay-frickin-wire. Lucky for slakckers liek you and I there are pople who care enough to give us all a kick in the pants. One such organization is POW – Protect Our Winters or as their offical line puts it:

Protect Our Winters (POW) is a tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to reversing the global warming crisis by uniting the winter sports community and focusing our collective efforts towards a common goal.

Climate change is a serious issue for all of us who are passionate about our winter sports. It’s our lifestyle and in some cases, its how we make our living. But if we harness our collective energy and put forth a focused effort, we can have a direct influence on reversing the damage that’s been done and ensure that winters are here for generations behind us.

Knowing that growing from within is the best growth and understanding the challenges that lay ahead Vans forged a collab relationship with POw to drop several products Including a cirro boot plus a kit based on the grunt. Sneak a peek below

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