Vans 2010 Outerwear Preview

So coming in on the end of previews and just before I begin cue up for demo days and reviewing you’ll see a good sneak peek of what Vans is offering next year. I’ve been riding in Vans outerwear for about 2-3 years now and I’ve been surprised how each year it improves upon itself. I think there is still a ways to go before they really hit their full stride in only the way that Vans can but 2009 – 2010 looks to be a year where they’ve done some house cleaning on the line. I’m unsure of how to best describe but the technical features, the cuts and the colors all seem to be functioning within themselves … finally. For awhile it seemed that function came at a price as did the look and feel.

Now, I’m no designer and I don’t get paid to ride Vans gear. I don know the Vans Supreme Down is one of the warmest jackets I’ve ever worn in the bitter cold of an Upstate NY winter and the Cirro boot is so lean and mean I have trouble finding a better technical boa boot. Strike that it’s a tie between the Cirro and the DC Status. But I digress the point is Vans does lots of things right. If they get this outerwear thing dialed in then it’s a whole new ball game. I hope they do. Some general pics below and then the collabs to follow over the next few days.

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