Dakine 2010: Signature Team Packs and Gloves

So, 110% biased opinion here: I love Dakine. Gloves, luggage, beanies, they do a pretty stellar job with their line. Anytime Ive had a customer service issue with a bag it’s been a quick fix. In these harsh economic times its nice to see a company building quality products that are durable and function up to your standards so That’s the praise I sing for Dakine. Like I said I’m biased. If I were 18 and Dakine were a chick, yeah I’d probably ask it out to the prom. So without further awkwardness …I give you a Dakine 2010 preview

First Up…

Skier Eric Pollard

Glove is the Maverick

Pack: “Team Heli Pro DLX (*note* Eric created the artwork and graphics for his pack, so he worked extra close w/ the designers… here’s a link to his personal site: www.ericpollarddesign.com)

A side note I usually have a fair amount of distaste for the whole Rasta colorway but the muted/bold colros vs. bright was super smart by Dakine and Pollard. The personal touches make this really solid.

Skier Mark Abma

Glove is the Cobra

“Team Baker”

Snowboarder Austin Smith

Glove is the Raven

“Team Mission”

Snowboarder Wolfgang Nyvelt

Glove is the Bronco

“Team Heli Pro DLX”

Snowboarder Leanne Pelosi

Glove is the Comet

“Team Heli Pro DLX Girls”

4 thoughts on “Dakine 2010: Signature Team Packs and Gloves

  1. I’m with you man. I’m on my second Dakine Mission bag (miss the loop from the earlier versions) and finally picked up a low roller to match my Mission bag. Quality stuff… though my low roller already got a small rip from the airlines, will look into warrantying it at the end of the season. I also swear by their gloves, lasts longer than Burton’s stuff.

  2. Dakine won't warranty anything ripped by an airline. Their warranty is a "limited lifetime" warranty, limited to defects such as frayed seams and bad zippers. Rips are considered wear-and-tear. That being said, try the warranty claim anyways and I'll bet they offer you a discount on a replacement to keep you as a happy Dakine customer.

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