Best. Comment. Ever. Part 1

From today’s eco-maniac post comes the following comment:

“Although eco is a trend just like our recent obsession with collaborations it’s, at minimum, a trend with some scruples, fractional albeit. Kind of hypocritical? Sure! given the clear cutting, snowmobiles, lifts, glues, plastics, etc.. but regardless it’s a step in a direction that moves away from stupidity like having two logo’s on one jacket.

Manager: ‘This is a nice jacket Brad’

Brad (the Designer): ‘Thanks Don’

Manager: ‘Call Exxon, we need another logo on that thing’

The world’s eco trend is still in it’s infancy and snowboarding isn’t going to help save the world, but the kid who thinks that by buying an eco product that he’s helping is no stupider then the kid who thinks he’s a better rider because he got the new Grenade/Pepsi gloves. I’d rather not see a kid riding down the hill in the latest Analog-Burger King collab, chucking his Red Bull cans off the lift you know. I’d rather the emphasis be put on not taking a shit on an already steaming pile.

I don’t see how the eco trend is getting slandered any more than the collab trend, or the tight pants trend, or any trend for that matter. Is it because Todd Richards started it? Or is it legit BS? Who knows, who cares, it is what it is. Just another battle in the market that fights over millimeters and cargo pocket placement.

Let the hippies have their eco boards, it’ll keep them quiet…. for a little while….

By the by,
Why don’t we have a bamboo-anticamber-slider-

magna-asymetric- jib powder board yet?

I’m a consumer and I want one!”

Well said, well said indeed!

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