8 thoughts on “2010 Capita Snowboard Preview: Horrorscope FK

  1. Ive ridden the '09 Horrorscope and it's literally a noodle..sounds good for you jib-junkies right? well the 2010 version is just a bit stiffer bu still CAPiTA's softest board…I'm buyin this years Horrorscope..peep the FK and feel it!

  2. I own this board (2010 horrorscope)and my bud Chad has the late release 08/09 and the flex is the same. SAME FLEX!Thats the end of that. But the sidewall construction looks different, his has two levels whit and black and mine the 151 2010 Horrorscope has a single wall construction. It might just be aesthetic though I cant tell and I aint breakin it to find out, not that you can. THESEBOARDSBENDINHALF! Love it though cant wait for the Snow in MASS to fall! Im not ANONYMOUS Im Baystate Blazin!

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