The Big Dump: E-mails from the Damned, Tidbits and X Games Candids

OK, a quick 2010 board preview break, So much stuff has been happening I figure it’s best to get push all of this stuff out in one big Dump.

First up, Twitter or Dritter (Drinking and Twittering) as its been coined is in effect for South of the North. Play along at home.

Johan has some stellar shit he puts up on tackled Box but none better than this so far. An e-mail chain from the damned for the ages. This is fantastic.

Thrasher has quite possibly the best statement re: ASR. 100% worth the read and the visit Jake Phelps managed to sum up a common feeling by simply saying:

“Now, when things are lean, we got to stick together and support skateboarding, the shops, the real brands… Doing all of this with some killer ripping thrown in and, well, check the vid. It was a hell of a lot of fun. Good people, nice weather, skating for everybody, no laminates, no security goons—it was a true start towards getting skateboarding and the economy back on its feet. I say the more the merrier. ASR, retire my number. I’m over this bullshit.”

Solid words from Phelps and it makes me wonder if these trade shows are really necessary for any of this. I don’t run a shop so I don’t know but on the other hand you have great events Like SPoT’s Years best Am Awards whose main focus is remaining true to skating… so who knows?

Finally, through the glory of the internets you can get all sorts of pictures. I bring you some choice candids from this years X Games. Delightful!

Todd Richards sharing his good side.
A Jim Rippey sighting!
“No you rule!”
‘I went to X Games and got these slippers from target…sweet”
“Mom, this is Travis Rice. He’s awesome”

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