37 thoughts on “2010 Nike Snowboard Boot Preview

  1. Nike is a bully company. They have unlimited funds and resources so they can take the work other companies have developed and just drop a boot line like its nothing as well as the questionable labor practices they use. They have no soul. They are in it strictly for profit. Yes 'core' companies are turning a profit as well they should. Thats keeping real snowboarders in jobs so they dont have to flip burgers all summer to stay in lift tickets. These huge corperate companies are killing the local shops. Im not saying they dont make a good product, I'm just saying we should support local shops and manfactures.

  2. if nike gets into the boot market then they are going to start trying to make boards and bindings and next thing you know theres a bunch of people running around in nike snowboarding gear thats made from a sweatshop from god knows where. if you want a good looking boot thats way comfortable theres plenty of them out there already.

  3. who cares. i put in 100+ days on a pair of ZF1's last season. best boots i've owned in 12 years of shredding. i'm a believer! will not buy anything but nike ever again.

  4. People are morons. Look into which corporation really owns your favorite core brand. Also check where core brands make their boots or any of their gear for that matter. I bet it's not here in the states. But I guess core companies only make things in the non sweatshop parts of China. Wake up, pull your head out of your ass and stop being sheep.

  5. First of all I’m not saying that you should buy only American made products or that a lot of smaller brands are not owned by larger corporations. I’m saying Nike is some bullshit. In the 20+ years snowboarding has been around they didn’t have an interest until it became a multibillion dollar a year business. Now they jump in and want to take over. Nike has the power to monopolize aspects of the industry as per Mr. I will never buy anything but Nike again. Every pair of Nike boots on the shelf reduces the chances of success for a new upstart company. That is the greatest thing about this country, we have the power to create a market free of monopolization if we, under a common interest, do what it takes and stay informed. I love snowboarding, I love the snowboarding industry. The shop I worked for just closed down after 22 years because people don’t support local shops anymore. They cannot compete with on line prices. That is why people have nowhere to go so someone can tell them of products other than Nike. People (or us sheep) get our info from advertising sources. Flip through a Transworld or Snowboarder and see how many ads Nike has compared to other companies such as 32.I know the companies I ride. I’ve put two years and over 200 days on a pair of 32 lashed boots made by Sole Technology, Inc. based out of Lake Forrest, CA. And my Lib Tech made by Mervin Manufacturing based out of Carlsberg, Washington started by SNOWBOARDERS Mike Olson and Pete Saari in 1977 and are still based in the US to this day. I know that with manufacturing costs it is not efficient to make everything in the states so you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m sure I have gear made all over the world that’s not the point. The point is that we, as supporters of the greatest sport in the world, need to make informed decisions and keep some control over the business of our passion.

  6. If other boot companies like 32 didn't suck so much i would support them but at least nikes shit doesnt fall apart the first freaking day such as the "Core" company's

  7. idiot, I mean ideans, I know how you feel. Like when your mom fell apart the first day I rode her. This is what you do. Rock your Nikes, turn Soulja boy up real loud in your Skullcandy’s and go hang out at the hill by your local middle school. Make sure to do what everyone else is doing and under no circumstances think for yourself. That could be dangerous. I’m done with it. Apparently no one gets it. Fu*k it, buy Nike. Even better buy Nike boots from directly from Nike or even eBay. If we work real hard we can put all the local shops out of business. Just do it!Screw it, I’m going to start skiing.

  8. cameron's a doosh. best ideas, best products will always do well. and if nike has the ability to make the best product… so be it. as for your core companies… one of which i own (we don't do boots cuz nike and other core co.s make them better than we can right now)… they better get on it… if they're so "core" then they should be able to out-do nike… knowing their consumer, market and sport better than nike does… and if they can't even do that… they're not truely core they're just turning a cheap profit… which is what some people sadly do with their american dream… but that's their right and a that's the extent of their dream… nike is big, they make some crap but they also make the best shoes around… talk about good marketing and taking advantage of the american dream… the "cores" need to bring a better product to the snowboarding table if they can't out-specialize a company that dips into everything under the sun… and you should buy their boots not because they're core but because they are more core than your so called 'core' company that didn't care enough to make a better boot than nike. i'd love to see the 'core' companies make it and keep nike at bay… so don't get your khaki's all in a bunch, just grind out your anger on some more of the granola and obama that you've been drinking.

  9. ps…cameron why would you hate someone who has a different opinion than you… a "yo momma" attack? that's pathetic…you're entitled to your opinion… but if you don't like the american way… get out. go to france or something..

  10. Nike honestly can't be making that much money off their boots yet, on account there is only 50 select stores that even sold them last year, and good luck finding them in you're size and color you want, they didn't make that many. And yes, I am all for supporting local shops and what not, i refuse to buy my gear online or from corporate stores. i've tried on just about every boot you can think of and the Zoom Force 1 was the only one that fit me properly so i bought it, but then somebody stole them from me. So this season ill go try on a bunch of the new boots and see which ones best, but odds are i will end up getting the nike boots again because there just that good.

  11. Cameron your right about how we should support the the local shoppe.See when i started skating an snowboarding we had the attitude that corporate America can go f its self we where all about giving back to the companies that are real an for the Sean.Now its about how good you look doing your tray flip in your emo pants an your nike high dunks.These people are going to be the death of the sport i will be still there but with no sole!It's all about the money now an not for what it should be for the love of landing a trick or slamming on your face!

  12. To all the Nike haters…know your history before you start bashing large companies. Nike started as a grass roots movement as well (blue ribbon sports)…it just so happens that they have been more successful than other companies. This debate can go on forever, but all businesses large or small are in business to cater to the consumer's needs and turn a profit while doing it, otherwise…whats the point.

  13. ^^^i love how you think that nike is here to just 'make money' yet apparently core companies dont do that. thats the whole reason for being a company. if a company didnt do that, they couldnt stay afloat. also, lol on the dude who mentions nikesb like that situation is ok but nike being in snowboarding is garbage.im with cody on this. a smaller company has less of a footprint to shift around so they are able to adapt to new ideas faster than a big company such as burton, ride or nike who tend to be more sluggish on changing up their lineup of products. in reality, a small company has the edge on turning out new product and trends to compete with the large companies…its a shame when they dont try to do this and cry about big companies stomping on them.as for the faggot named cameron who is apparently core as fuck, get over yourself. your snowboard is actually owned by a surf company who is shady at best on their business practices. also, i dont know how your hillbilly ass reasons but nike only allows for their boots to be purchased in shop and not through online shops. thats something your precious thirtytwo cant live up too…tell me how nike is apparently taking away from core shops again?

  14. Well you guys got me. To tell the truth I have no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t have any of that shit, I bought my snowboard at Target. It’s plastic and has a cool skull and crossbones on it. I ride in an old pair of duck boots my mom bought me for Christmas one year. I do however have a pair of Nike socks so let the hypocrisy shine! On the real it’s just good to see that people even have an opinion on this shit. I thought it was just me because I ate a lot of paint chips as a kid. It really comes down to just getting out there and riding. Your right, wear what fits and what works well for you. I really don’t give a shit, I’m not getting paid by any of these companies. I think my problem stems from my childhood when my mom would beat me about the head and face with an old shoe leaving that dammed swoosh imprinted on my forehead.All I have to say is……….. cody, you spelled douche wrong.

  15. Douche is french for shower so, I reckon however it's spelt, it isn't classed as a valid insult.What are you all talking about, Nike making snowboard boots shouldn't be a problem – they'll be helping progress the tech and putting pressure on other companies to do the same. Just because they had a head-start in doing so, shouldn't make a blind bit of difference to anyone's opinion on the matter. Nike wasn't fucking spawned an international, multi-conglomerate corporation, they started at the beginning too – like any "core" brand… just a long time ago.You people hating them based on their size, or political stance or some shit are just as bad as the "posers".You should wear a nice light, well fitted boot that's as soft or hard as you need. Style and the middle name of the MD of the manufacturing company in question should always come second or not at all.I don't reckon any of you make your own fucking boots do you?

  16. its hillarious how everyone is hating on nike snowboarding. even the skateboarding shoes at first. name shouldnt mean anything when buying a product, quality is what you should be aiming for. and if they are so "bad" why do some of the best riders in the industry ride for them? do you think they would endorse a bad product. people need to get over the whole nike name and bad mouthing because of it. and to the retard up top who claims they are going to try to make snowboards/bindings. you are fucking retarded. just like everything else in this world, it is survival of the fittest. nike stepping up bringing a good product to the table will make all the other companies want make better products in order to compete with them. it is all simple basic economic decisions.

  17. I'm pretty sure if the money was right, most pros would sport a shit product…you gotta make a living. However, I now own a pair of Nike Kaiju boots and they seem to be built tough as nails.Nike has sold snowboards and bindings under the ACG name before as well.

  18. Cam is right you tools. whether you like it or not. on another note, sorry cam these dudes are producing good shit. Sorry Cam I been working at my "core(asya'll like to call it, didnt know we needed a name to decipher us from the zumies fags that don't know the diff between alibi and lib) BUT we will be going out of business shortly and it's all due to that same shit. But You can only blame the CORE companies for selling their souls to the big box stores. Now the line between core and not core is so fucking grey, Thats why you got all these tools on here that dont understand why to boycott these companies. thats why you get douche bags that say "and if they are so "bad" why do some of the best riders in the industry ride for them?" ….CAUSE THEY HAVE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO PAY EM, so yeah they have enough money to make a good boot, Youre blind to the state of skate/snow/surf if you think the top riders are flopping around companies solely for their quality. Survival of the fittest doesnt quite work… itd be like someone exceeding at life who was just born, compared to a young adult.

  19. ive been on the shred for over 13 years i put about 150+ days a season. i just ride whatever lasts and these boots last. there a bit of a bitch to get into but once there on your foots not going anywhere. most comfy boots yet. and cameron what are you 15 as you get older you realize whoever owns your so called core companys are either corporations or people who make more money or are whole lot richer than you so buy what you think is dope and is gonna last

  20. For the record: I have removed the word "core" from my vocabulary. As I have said before, I quit. There have been good points made but I still don't like nike. I dont give a shit how "comfy" they are or how long they last. I dont like what the company stands for. By the way, who uses the word 'comfy'. I understand that I'm a little old school on this and times have changed. Back in the day not everyone who owned a skateboard was a skater. You had to live it. Skate or Die and all that. Nike is that kid who just showes up in the skatepark with a brand new board with all the best stuff. Never been on the thing but comes in like a big ripper. Throws some money around to buy some friends. B-u-l-l-s-h-i-t! But I see today you dont need live it and believe in it, you just gotta make a 'comfy' fucking boot. Well I guess my time has passed. I guess I'm too old to understand. It used to be us against them. We were the curb kids skating late night in the parking lots telling the police to fuck off. Now it's us with Ryan Sheckler doing a double pits to chesty. WTF. Again….I quit. Also, Im using skateboarding as a euphemism. I know this is a snowboard conversation. So dont use that as fodder for any smart ass comments. PeaceStay Comfy my friends." I don't always wear nike, but when I do, I prefer comfy"(In the voice of the guy from the Dos Equis commercial).

  21. this is Burly!hey momie an dadie gots it all for u fags!u dont care if ur shit was made by a bunch of fucking 5 an 10 year olds that got payed 10 cents a day an the boots cost ten dollers to make but they sell for hundreds of dollers!then u guys are fucking all smoking crack or ur just a bunch of trust fund fuckers that only care what your mom an dad are going to buy u a new board or a new fucking SUV!Its real funny Cameron when i started skating an boarding these kids like high school sports stars witch most of these kids are i bet! we would of kick the shit out of them!But its cool now its main stream to be a skater or boarder!but we need to teach these kids at an early age that ur not cool if ur mom an dad buy u $650 pair of Nikes or what ever over price pair of boots ur parents get u!it isnt going to make u that cool rich kid or make u stomp that trick! its most likely going to get ur ass kicked!most of u kids probably started out as gaypers on ur snowblades with momie an dad on skie's right?u guy's dont know what it is to love these sports!like skateboarding an snowboarding an i wounder who out there nows what the first snowboard was?see me i work for the mountain just to board for free an live like a snowboard bum in the mountains of Colorado bc i make my owen money an mom an dad dont give me every thing its called the real world kids!where u work for ur owen!an i wouldnt change it for the world!you mite have to find out some day kids!an i will leave u kids with this Nikes idk mite be "comfy" but so is ur sister's an moms pussy! but that dont make it right does it?come find me every one knows me in these mountains my name is Burly!but ur moms know me as taint splitter!ask them i bet i fucked them!if they where hot that is!

  22. Oh wow to the idiot that just said he lives in "colarado, BC"…. !!! and spelt maybe ONE IN EVERY TEN WORDS correctly …. you sound like you should be in a stupid tech nine video. wear whatever the hell you want to wear. I have a narrow fucking foot, and nike boots seem to be alot narrower then the 32 lashed that I had for the last 2 seasons, so I am going to buy nikes… Whatever helps my performace, I am going to buy. . and who cares what kind of shit you have anyways? If your wearing nikes .. or even have a snowboard in your hand, and you can't snowboard.. you look like a bloody fool. but if you can rip.. it doesn't matter what the hell your using whether it be nikes or a fucking fire fly from sport check.. the point is wear what you like and stop the hate.. loser

  23. ok, reading this makes me want to be a "core". So what type of boots do I buy? BKE 27.95 +0.00JAH 28.57 +0.00NKE 62.70 +0.00PSUN 3.24 +0.00VFC 71.99 +0.00VLCM 15.84 +0.00ZQK 1.65 +0.00ZUMZ 11.69 +0.00BBG.AX 10.88 +0.00GLB.AX 0.43 +0.00

  24. WOW at least Cameron can talk sense, u fucks that believe in nike have no since at all. Fallow the sheep ahead of u, keep being brainwashed by repetitive adds hope all u "just do it's" wake up one day.

  25. It doesn't matter what you wear when you're up there on the trails, as long as you feel good doing it! Nike tried getting into the snowboard biz a couple of years back and flopped because they had no idea what they were doing. They were just in it for the money but after they fucked up bad, they went back and started from scratch. They started putting the line out there that they were planning on getting back into the snowboard game and they took more than 2 years to even release the ZF One. 2 fuckin' years!!! Nike got people from Burton, ThirtyTwo, DC shoes (just some of the companies) to come and work for them because they trusted what these people had to say. On top of that, they only put that product in the "core" stores – if these "core" stores didn't trust that product they wouldn't carry the Nike line would they? Otherwise the legit shops run by boarders would be wasting money on boots that they couldn't sell, right? It's a consumer driven marketplace like someone said before me and if Nike puts the boots out there that will keep me boarding all day then I'll rock em. That just means that everyone has got to step their game up and for us "sheep" who like being comfortable – BAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

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