33 thoughts on “2009 – 2010 Lib Tech Snowboard Catalog

  1. Haha I love the banana earflap beanie. Lib Tech needs to release full on one piece suits that look like bananas. Or a pickle.Peanut butter jelly! Peanut butter jelly!

  2. does anybody know if the travis rice 157.5 also available with this yellow eagle design (the same like the pointy shape have)? travis drove on the x-games 2009 a yellow one, but I’m sure this wasn’t the pointy (freeride) board… in the catalogue is only the 161.5 and the 164.5 with the nice yellow eagle design… the 157.5 is only with this (for me) not so nice black eagle..

  3. Bananas are so overrated. Every kid and his mom wants one and they don’t even know why. A bunch of mediocre snowboarders swear Bananas are the amazing and they’ll never go back to standard camber. Unfortunately if you ride more than 20 days a year your libtech will flex out or delam before the season ends. Quick silver actually lost money off of them last year cause they warranteed so many boards. Its called good marketing and its just a snowboard… Don’t Slip on Your Skate banana. Peace

  4. I ride 60+ days a year, on a lib trs, I love my board. My edge has a very nice chunk out of it thanks to a very friendly rock, and it’s still not delamming, nor “flexed out” after 2 seasons. Why don’t you stop talking shit and go snowboarding you pussy? Come to the northwest, you can still talk shit up here, but everyone will still rip harder than you… on their libs.

  5. Amen brutha. I’m from Seattle and shred Stevens and Snoq. I have a Skate Banana. Everybody else around hurr does too. Everybody thowing shit down off the big booters at Stevens rocks a Lib. Why? Because they make dope boards. It’s not a fad when they make the best products available. If you ask me, Burton is way overrated. Sure they’re the OG, but overpriced. Also, Rome is gay gay gay gay. If you want to be a hipster fag and listen to shitty music and wear chick pants, fine by me, but don’t involve that shit with snowboarding. Enough venting, I’m going to load a snapper with some of the best herb in the states.

  6. I agree that bananas are overrated. It’s just fancy marketing, and i would know because that is what i’m getting a degree in soon. You slap a picture of a banana on a website and a snowboard, then suddenly its the best thing to happen to the sport! People just buy them cuz, well, everyone else does! I also agree that Burton is overrated, but lib is right there with them. Do some research, and check out Bataleon. Now there’s Technology that matters. Instead of just bending a board the other way…

  7. Did you just brag about getting a degree in marketing and backed up your point by saying the company got big because of a picture of a banana? You WILL regret what you wrote a couple of years down the line. Lib-Tech are hand made and they’re very innovative. They’re good at what they make. You and the other anonymous dude are just looking at the surface of things. Bataleons are great boards. So are Never Summers. Lib-Tech is hardly overrated. They’re innovative and it all works. Slipping on a banana? You will see that 5 years down the line, more people will be riding reverse cambered boards over cambered boards. Just watch.

  8. i own a skate banana and it truely is the best board ive ever ridden. Im not sure why some of you feel the need to hate on them, ive had nothing but great experiences each time i ride. I swear if theres one thing i cant stand about this sport its all the haters that come with it, just shut up and ride.

  9. riding a T RICE 157 banana 50+ days since oct and this this RIPS. i’ve had customs, artifacts, DH etcNOTHING is like a bananawhat most people don’t understand is that banana is only so good alone, MAGNE makes it catch free!any of these new rome 1985 boards are shit they just have banana no MAGNETRICE is king

  10. Funny that every company is trying to copying Lib Techs “Marketing”. I’ve ridden all the other Rocker boards and they all SUCK. The only reverse camber board worth buying is a Lib or Gnu

  11. MoparMan, Park Pickle is a unique snowboard. The first of it’s kind with balance through asymmetry. Deeper sidecuts on the heel side compared to the toe side. Lib-Tech (at least not yet) doesn’t offer a board with this “tech” yet. But if you’re looking for a park board with similar capabilities as the Park Pickle, it would be the Skate Banana.

  12. To Anonymous saying “Bananas are so overrated.”:I don’t care what you ride, as long as you like it. You claim that Mervin warranteed record amounts of their boards last year. I wonder why. Maybe because their production couldn’t keep up with demand. When you sell a significantly higher quantity of products than you have in past years, of course there are going to be more warranty issues. This is why they had to move their headquarters from Seattle closer to their manufacturing facilities in Sequim, WA. Not only that, but they’ve been having to vastly expand production becuase they’re boards are flying off the shelves. Maybe it is just good marketing, or maybe it is just good marketing and good product, or something in between.Many of you’ve said Lib’s overrated b/c their over-the-top marketing scheme, and I’d agree with you there. The thing is, I enjoy the sarcasm and wit behind their marketing, so it comes off to me as under-handed propaganda, which I enjoy because I can see through it. I’d love to try riding a Bataleon with Triple Base Tech. Having concavity on your snowboard (like a skateboard) makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to jibbing. I love my skate banana. I’d also like to try a Bataleon. But aside from that, everybody is is jumping the rocker bandwagon.If you fags want to hate, hate. That’s fine. Just keep rocking your girl-pants and listening to shitty music…fine by me. By the way, marketing major, you’re a huge douche. Faggot.

  13. I have pretty much loved my skate banana. I ride small mountains (sometimes hills) in the northeast. But, I took it to Utah and found some disadvantages: At high speed I did, indeed, have trouble carving. I did a lot of sliding instead and my control at speed was bad enough to force me on to easier trails than I am used to being able to ride. For mellow riding – it's great. I do a lot of slow riding and ground stuff and it's fun. It can just be frustrating not to be able to get in the air when you want to (and when you have put in the effort). If you want to really pop off the tail, ollie or get airborne off a side or small feature, try a Dark Series (or another brand). It's not gonna happen on the Banana. I actually love it for what it is. I may have to buy another board for other purposes. That's a bummer 'cause I ain't rich, but it will be fun. Just thought I'd give my 2 cents. Also, I agree about the tight pants, etc. Maybe people could just snowboard and have fun and not try to make a style/lifestyle statement in the process…?

  14. if you gunna make claims about snowboards and associated marketing and you dont even know how to spell QUIKSILVER, obviously your opinion is of little weight. the boards are very good, maybe not everyones taste in riding but at least save your comments until youve ridden them, personally love mine, rides like a snowboard should, not like a fat ski 😉

  15. If your gonna ride the lib tec board may i suggest picking the TRS up at half price? That is what I did. I picked up two of the Lib Tech Snowboards for next season at this site for half price, and I am going to hit the pipe in the 2010 season!

  16. any one thats hating on the skate banana is simply dumb…. i rode 118 days last season 86 of them on my banana on the east coast in every condition you can think of… this board give me double the pop ive ever had on any other board and i have had ollie contests in my backyard park and whoever has bananas is allways in the top 2… and the magna makes it stop on a dime on ice…. so stop hating haters… out of those 86 days i have had no problems… no delaming nothing but the little nicks that everyone gets from riding hard

  17. banana and magnetraction are the shit, if you're gonna talk shit about mervin without puttin in a season on a banana you need to get your fuckin head out of your ass. ya, obviosly without excellent marketing your product is not going to sell as well. But Mervin has superior product to go along with the good marketing. haters can kill themselves.

  18. you lib lovers are a bunch of idiots. lib is completly overated and nowhere neer the quality of burton. If you are an experienced snowboarder and you are willing to spend some decent money on a snowboard, you will get a handmade board from burton. Most of there boards 500+ are all made in vermont. And for you park pickle dick suckers, you idiots dont seem to remember that santa cruz, an OG company, has been doing a sidecut like that for almost 10 years. Its nothing new, just another company stealing another companys technology.

  19. You Guys Have no Idea What your talking about..Mervin makes the best board you will ever ride….Since the days of TnT bases..Rib Air tech cores of the 1990s did I mention they are made in the us by snowboarders? You guys need to get your facts straight! or just hop on your fourm board and go jib yourself to sleep…

  20. Gnu is not OG???? they have been around for ever. Burton would not exist without Mike olsen he is the OG to talk about!!! The man is a mad genius of the snow. Ride a banana if you can its the best thing going. for sure. Unless you are scared of the park and the pow than I understand. and please stay out the way of the rest of us that ride hard. Peace to the snow gods.

  21. Wow, there are some true posers commenting here. Hey buddy, yea you, the one posing in the parking lot! Keep doing whatever it is you do, this comment isn't directed at you but at the people who truly are curious about bananas. Mervin's boards are definetely the real deal. They are not over-rated in the least, that would be Burton. This comment is coming from a person who for the last 15 years gets well over a 100 days a year on a sick big mountain with another 25 or so days in the backcountry sledboarding. I've ridden about 10 different Burtons before the bananas came out. Burton boards can be great but I have had so much fun snowboarding on my quiver of bananas that it's like discovering a new sport. It rekindled my love for snowboarding.To those who can't hold an edge in certain conditions or feel they can't ollie on a banana, take the speaker cabinets off your head, loosen your pants and take a look at what the local rippers are riding. Take note how they slay it in ANY conditions. I would ask the haters to come ride with me and my buddies in the San Juans and then maybe they'll see the capabilities of these things. If they can keep up that is. This is a rare instance in life where the hype is absolutely justified.

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