Monument Snowboards 2010 Catalog

Last year monument snowboards came into SIA with a slightly different concept. Bring in an outsider to curate the board graphics as if it were a collection of art. The impact was immediate the graphics were unlike anything I had previously seen. Dave Tran, Monument founder is a friend* and likely the person I snowboard the most with season over season. He gets up at 6 am and drives with me to the small hills of Pennsylvania for 3 -5 hours of non-stop riding and then jumps back into the car to head back towards Washington D.C.

The culmination of what I consider to be bold moves on the graphics side and a true dedication to riding Monument sums up to me what snowboarding is and always should be: slightly different, avoiding the norm and fun as hell. If you are in Vegas this week for SIA. Check out Monument.

* Clearly being pals with the company founder skews my opinion however, I don’t ride a Monument board. I plan to test out these decks when possible. Last years Momento Mori was an amazing freeride deck and I look forward to what they have to offer in 2010

3 thoughts on “Monument Snowboards 2010 Catalog

  1. Dood I remember When they used to own a shop. Didnt they own Monument snowboard shop in fairfax virginia. I bought some of my first gear there. Glad to see they still kicking it.

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