686 X New Balance Collab: the 580 Snowboard Boot

What more collabs will happen at SIA? Avran from Angry snowboarder gets to the core of it which is solid. A few more … Vans is working on something with Jamie Lynn but the one that has my eyebrows raised is that 686 will achieve a New Balance through their collaboration with …. New Balance. Pics of the boot are going to be going up on TW Biz in the next few days so it should be interesting. According to the recent TW Biz article the boot should retail around $300 and will incorporate boa focus and recco.

You have to applaud 686 for their ingenuity here. This is the type of collab that moves beyond the typical “artist, musician, graphic icon” type stuff that gets tossed around. In these harsh economic times this type of thinking shows some good vision. Nice one 686 looking forward to seeing the line.= and what the 580 boot has to offer.

Read the interview.

Read the press release.

2 thoughts on “686 X New Balance Collab: the 580 Snowboard Boot

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