2010 Rome Snowboards: Pusher 1985

When Rome introduced the Agent seven years ago, we led the softer-board, freestyle-the-mountain movement. With the Pusher, the SDS once again is at the forefront of the mentality that views the entire mountain as a park. With our versatile Reverse-Free camber profile, the Pusher has a loose, buttery, surfy feel that is balanced with the ollie and torsional pop of the Carbon V Stringer. From park to pow, push the sick button with the Pusher.

  • Superpop Core Matrix / the integration of low-density woods for advanced lightness
  • StraightTriax 30 Carbon Laminate / 30-degree off-axis fibers blend control with finesse; carbon adds the pop
  • SinterSpeed Base / a strong, wax-absorbent structure for gap-clearing speed
  • Impact Plates™ / 2.5 times stronger under foot
  • Carbon V Stringer Technology / lightweight, snappy carbon extends from inserts to contact points for more longitudinal and torsional pop
  • Impact Edges / beefier edges for added protection against rails and ledges
  • LDC Technology / low-density woods in low-stress regions of the core to reduce weight
  • Park Bevel (-2° base/-2° side) / catch-free for comfort and control off jumps that still bites on-edge
  • Reverse-Free Camber / a long mid-body of reverse

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