Your Winter X Games Action Part One: Party

So, I’ve made a pretty good run at ignoring the events this season. What I consider to be one of the best I’ve seen in some time Quiksilver’s Natural Selection hit the ultimate sophomore slump in it’s second year: cancellation. But, we gotta say something about the X Games. What I’ve always enjoyed is the endless amount of partying that goes on. OK, the media pass that lets you ride Aspen for a week is pretty sweet as well. But, all things considered if you are up around Slashpen this weekend the party gets rollin’ Friday night.

Louie Vito and MFm host a party at the Belly Up. Now here’s the important part. Open bar is from 9 pm MT to 10 pm MT. If you do anything dear god, be there from 9 Pm to 10 pm. After that you’ll have live performances from a place to bury strangers and Tommy Sunshine. You can slack and show up hoping to snag a VIP invite or you can buy tix in advance. I reccomend (if this is your thing)to grab tix early.

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