2010 Signal Snowboards: The Omni

“Rocker and Camber blended together to create wavelength technology.” Personally, I’ve never ridden a Signal so I’ve got nothing to back it up. I hear good things every now and again. Along with an outerwear line in ’10 should be interesting. Of course, because there is no mercy in this dojo … this image came from the BMB.

3 thoughts on “2010 Signal Snowboards: The Omni

  1. No It actually came from the BMB. Everything in snowboarding for 2010 begins and ends with the BMB. It's the alpha and the omega. It's the soylent green!!! Now get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!!!BTW< Sarcasm and Charleton Heston movie lines are free of charge on Mondays.

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