Press Release: Ed Hardy Announces Snowboarding Team

January 10 2008
Ed Hardy Announces Snowboarding Team
Premiere Lifestyle Brand Announces Team and Sponsorships for 2010

The last year snowboarding went and blew up was 2006 and Shaun White led America to gold and halfpipe dominance in Turin Italy! Now, with 2010 and the Vancouver Winter Games fast approaching Ed hardy is pleased to announce its Snowboard sponsorship and Team for their new shreddy to ride line up.

After scouring the hottest clubs in Las Vegas, Scottsdale Arizona, Staten Island and Peoria Illinois the Ed Harrdy Snowboard team was complete. Comprised of four individuals Ed Hard will change the way the world looks at snowboarding. Pictured above is the first glimpse the world will have at the revolutionary collective who plans on pushing the Ed Hardy lifestly to new extremes.

The team (pictured above) is ready to conquer the slopes after proving themselves worthy of the Ed hard Brand. Calling themselves “the Hardy Boyz Crue!!!” the team is focusing on getting to knwo th ins and outs of the world prior to hitting the ground at SIA. Horns Mchardy (pictured right) the rascally youngster of the group said “Hells yeah we’re ready to do work son and get in the grill of the snowboarding game. My custom graphic is the Jaeger bomber with beer pong technology (PTX) and the fake bake gloss top sheet!!! Shit is gonna be off the hook son!!! There’s gonna be a matching t-shirt and trucker hat. Also, check out my part in the coming team video. I’ll have sumthin’ ILL playin’ for my part like Hinder or Buckcherry!!!”

The teams presence at SIA will be felt as the Ed hardy lifted Hummer will be transporting them to all the hottest night spots. Keep your eyse on the Hardy Boyz and be prepared for Ed hardy in the Winter of 2010

10 thoughts on “Press Release: Ed Hardy Announces Snowboarding Team

  1. Ahahah fuck dude, you know what the funny part is? I started reading this because I thought it was true and didn’t realize it was fake until I saw the names of the dudes.Wow, we’ve really come full circle, haven’t we? Kudos.

  2. Hahah this is real. And supper lame. They actually have a website and a dealer book. I hope they fail miserably and never make off the ground. They’ll be the brown snow of the industry.

  3. The fact of the matter is I work for Ed Hardy Snow. And there is no team as of yet (especially those losers). We have been interviewing and talking to semi pro and professional boarders to develop a promotional team for feed back and demo’s. I was actually hoping to run into these wannabees. But I guess some people will do anything to get attention.

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