Burton 2010: Jeremy Jones

Keeping in step with what is coming up soon and that would be the onslaught of images from SIA lets roll out a another image from the Burton 2010 line up. This go around it’s the Jeremy deck. Nothing shocking here. No i don’t know what the graphic is but I’m sure if you go over to the Burton message board they’ll tell you all about it. Again, nothing new I yanked this down from Fluofun.fr. Check ’em out.

While on BMB I stumbled across this comment “that guy really doesn’t like to give the bmb any credit does he?” OK, so if these appeared on the Burton message board first there you go. BMB, you have first credit. I saw them on FluoFun and that’s where I grabbed them. I figure I’m posting them second or third hand … at this point it’s old news.

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