Northwave Boots 2010

So I did a not so special job loading these up but hey here they are Northwave boots for 2010. I remember when Northwave boots used to cut their fit rather narrow but since finding a good fit in Vans Fargos, DC Status and the vans Ion/ sabbath I haven’t strayed too far from those brands. It will be interesting to see these on the shelves in the coming year and how they perform. Back in 1999-2001 when I rode Northwave boots they were solid. A little on the heavy side but so was every boot back then it seems. I wouldn’t mind checking one or two of these out.

10 thoughts on “Northwave Boots 2010

  1. The fit is still narrow on a bunch of their models. Northwave is trying to reinvent itself but its a little too late. The Italian design stuff doesn’t really cut it anymore. The lack of an internal harness in the shell wasn’t cool. Their Speed Lacing system is bulky as shit with all the metal pulleys on it.I’m interested as well to see what they’re going to be doing for next season.

  2. Narrow Fit! When is the last time you tried one on? I got a solid “D” width and my dogs are super comfy. I wouln’t trade my legend sl for anything. They have outlasted any other boots I have ever ridden in and have never had an issue with heel lift. Check ’em out for yourself. Northwave makes ’em legit.

  3. This seasons boots fit extremely well, and my first boot to sell completely out was the freedom Super lace. It was easier to use than burtons system, and I think the fit was just like the boots “Back in the day”. Next years should be even better.

  4. I have a pair of the 2008-2009 Legend SL, I am really happy, and the fit is right on. Actually between my Drake Super Sports, and these boots, I am the most comfortable I have ever been snowboarding.

  5. narrow? I think they are rather wide, since i do not have narrow feet and these were the only boots to fit me perfectly.some models are a little tacky, while others are just cool.

  6. Its good to see Northwave and Drake making a comeback .. I was in their corner way back in the LeBlanc and Kevin Jones days. Just the fact that both have many more options this season shows that they are coming back strong. My feet are too crazy to even begin to try and explain but Northwave always fits me nice and comfy!

  7. I rode T-track last season 2009/2010 and I am extremely disappointed! I am an advanced backcountry rider and usually ride steep and technical couloirs. The speed lace is fast indeed but is totally UNsecure! It releases open in the most unapropriate moments! Imagine a 50° slope and an loose booth. It’s not nice! The second thing is that the new Northwave soles are not made from rubber but from a kind of foam which is very friable and literary the soles of the boots just disintegrated! I do use crampons often and that may be the reason but my friend’s boots (who uses crampons the same amount of time) are absolutely intact. I won’t tell you the brand of the boots but the soles are from Vibram®.I returned the boots to my local dealer but he didn’t give me any money back. He said that he’ll make a big discount for my next Northwave boots bought from him. My hands are tied and I have to buy again Northwave. Will you please advice me which model should I buy? I am looking in this new Domain but I find the soles absolutery the same as of T-Track…

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