The Best of ’08 Part 2: DC Shoes

Rolling on through the best gear of the year and stuff that made me smile I’m going to slip into the big boy brands. These are the heavyweights who have been around for quite some time and I don’t foresee them going anywhere anytime soon. Why? Because they are true to their audience. This is a very simple need that so many companies end up ignoring but these two really jumped on it in a big way. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t meet the needs of a growing consumer base but you never turn your back on those who helped build you. You grow with them and meet their needs. Nobody did this better this year than DC Shoes, Dakine and several others that I’ll be posting up. Lets jump in with DC, shall we?

DC Shoes was out of my mind by about 90% at the beginning of the year but with their “King of” contest series they brought back a local fovus over the past few years that had been swept away by the X Games. Speaking of which DC straight up renting out the Standard downtown and making the X Games an enjoyable experience … top notch. Seeing the early edit of Wes Kremer’s Welcome to DC video had me stoked non-stop and you have to love that they are thinking this through long term. Speaking of Wes’s video check out the line at 1:45 and minute 2:31. The video is below just click to watch if you haven’t already. I promise you stop and say “wha happen?” at least twice. Finally I gotta give my last positive shoe review of the year to DC. This was a legitimate shock as to nice their shoes end up being.

The final one goes to the Smith 2.0. All the looks of the half cab but none of the pain. I don’t care if everybody has a shoe that looks great I can skate in this thing all day, wear it out at night, run errands in it. I haven’t skated another shoe all month and god damn if I’m not lining up to buy a pair online. DC did a solid job with keeping the silhouette and vibe of a vulcanized shoe but keeping their tech shoe true to form. For me and my amazing lack of skate ability it’s perfect. I see more and more skaters starting to have these as the new shoe of choice. Hopefully they keep it in the line. Well done in 2008 DC. Looking forward to 2009.

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