Gnu Mid Season Release Hits the Street: The Gnu Park Pickle

Recently Gnu snowboard started shipping out their park pickle deck. This is the new asymmetric deck with a particular heelside and banana traction or as they are now calling it pickle traction. First MTX then BTX now PTX. No word on how it rides yet but Santa Cruz used to have something similar and I always received positive feedback on how those decks rode. Coupled with Mervins patent banana tech and you will likely have a loose trucks skate style deck that will be precise but forgiving.

These boards are available all over but as I stated a few days ago I am going to start pointing to where you can buy products. This is open to anybody so if you have certain products you see me review and you feel comfortable with traffic coming your way shoot me an e-mail.

For now check out or alpine drops if you want to pick up a park pickle 156. The guys and gals at Alpine are all riders and skiers. So if you want to buy I encourage you to check them out.

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