Burton Love 2010

Well, no amount of controversy could possibly derail this deck. Seriously, Burton learned their lesson. No hidden boobies this go around. Although all things taken into context there was absolutely no need to market that board for the next five years. I doubt they could keep it in stock. Next up is the Love for 2010. This Love comes in wide also (write your own jokes) for the big footed. Pics have already started to surface of these boards on and off the snow. Yep Burton snowboards 2010 are coming fast SIA is only a handful of days away. Then the onslaught begins.

15 thoughts on “Burton Love 2010

  1. Maggie, thats not me. That’s a Burton rider. This is an early season pic that was floating around the web (BMB) most likely.Might want to shoot me a note before putting me under the bus publicly.As for what a rider puts on the base of the board … I really don’t care. That’s their deal. Not mine.

  2. it really sucks our society is so f**cked up americans are perfectly fine seeing people being blown to pieces with their guts everywhere but when it comes down to the natural human body or anything that has to do with sex they freak out. if anybody goes to any other country you will see commercials on tv with naked people and any beach you go to is topless…honestly i think americans are uncomfortable in their own body. i grew up here and i dont even like our culture people need to learn to be a little laid back i hope burton releases a better love 2011 with a little less censorship and say they "DGAF" what people think.

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