Nike SB January 2009

Looks like the Nike SB January drops are starting to pop up for sale around the interweb. Could the early drop be a result of weak holiday sales? Perhaps, I prefer to think that every now and again somebody just gets so excited by the new and fresh they push things out earlier than anticipated. The first drops from SB in ’09 are not at all unexpected. The first glimpse of things to come include the Twin peaks dunk high and the Veloce series.

I didn’t search through to see what was on peoples feet down at the Tampa Am but you figure SB would have put a few pairs out there seeing as how they were sponsoring a chunk of that event. I have high hopes for Nike in 209. They continue to pour money back into events ala’ comps, tours and interesting web content. So yes I am looking forward to what happens next. The shoes below are now available at

From Kicks on Fire One of Nike SBs newest Nike Dunks takes on a design inspired by an early 1990s TV drama series known as Twin Peaks. The sneakers include a mixture of black suede on the lace panel, frontal and heel, premium leather on the toebox, and crackled leather on the side panels, green stitching throughout the entire upper. The liner of the Twin Peaks Nike SB Dunks is finished in red and includes a pair of insoles that have a black and white zig-zag design which is taken from the floor in the “Red Room” at the Black Lodge in the show Twin Peaks. Furthermore there is a design of a blue owl placed near the ankle which is another reference to Twin Peaks, in the series the owl was one of the three murder mystery clues. If you watched Twin Peaks then you know what im talking about, if not just Google the show name. No official release date has been mentioned but we are told they should hit Nike SB retailers around the Spring of 2009.
The latest colorway addition to the P-Rod 2 line up reminds me a bit of an old Zoom team (Metallic gold/Dark Cypress)

New to the SB line up is what appears to be a mashup of an Airmax 90 and the Zoom Tre AD. Until Nike actual drops some info I’ll be holding to that theory. Which was pretty much formed by Watson first. Maybe SB will send him a pair to smash some burgers.

2 thoughts on “Nike SB January 2009

  1. Ahah funny you should mention. The dude who sent me Boondoggle is actually an SB rep and is gonna hook me up but we’re waiting for the new year for when the Veloce comes out. Really looking forward to trying that shoe.No mashing burgers though. I’d rather just eat them.

  2. Nike helped tear my house down. I have posted six videos about the problem at Youtube. In case you are interested you can find them by going to the Youtube site and using the search there with keywords:nike university of oregon.

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