The Ed Hardy Snowboard and Obama Snowboard – You Can’t Make This Up

So I put up the Ed hardy snow link and my general distaste for the brand. This of course is heavily influenced by their adopted audience of douchebags, ‘roided out Red Bull & vodka drinkers, angry sports fans, and presumably angrysnowboarders. There’s nothing truly wrong or hurtful about the brand aside from being not inventive or unique. Ripping off 60+ years of tattoo flash art isn’t that hard. if Anything I have to give them praise for marketing their way into the hearts and minds of knuckleheads worldwide. Then, you see something like this. Wow.

Thanks to Style Whisperer I had the distinct pleasure of throwing up in my own mouth this morning. I’m sure, or at least hoping this was a promo item int he same way Hollister had surfboards cut. But, you never know when somebodys bad marketing idea gets legs and hits the ground running.

So yeah here’s your 153 cm Ed hardy board now available on Ebay. Apparently it’s great for backcountry riding. I knew you could run some tapered boards shorter but that might not cut it for a guy my size. Maybe Joey-bag-a-donuts at Hunta! is tipping the chats at 5′ 2″ and is ready to shred the gnar at the wilds of Mont Tremblant. there’s something even better here though. Now I really think you should red through the description….

This is a 100% authentic licensed product of Ed Hardy. Scheduled to be released for retail in Fall 2009, these boards are only available now from iSold It. This is part of a Limited Edition of only 50 Pieces made in this color and style of Ed Hardy board.Specifications:
  • All mountain freeride cruiser
  • Carbon V2- Beam- Ultra -Light carbon backbone gives the board added pop and longitudinal snap
  • Infinite Ride – No more break in period. No more limp noodle.
  • Flex and pop that stays true, no matter how hard you ride.
  • Twinshape with a directional flex
  • Correct sandwhich construction
  • Unisex
  • A laminate packed with carbon stringers and has a lighter bottom glass
  • Mens layup
  • Very responsive
  • High Performance
  • Great for all mountain use, backcountry, directional

So upon deeper inspection and In the spirit of the season “Do you see what I see”? That would be the words infinite ride. Now, I can easily see some Ebay store owner just looking up a board description and doing ye olden cute and paste but Infinite ride is one of those Burton copy righted terms. Think I’m kidding?

Infinite Ride© – The Industry’s first and only process of its kind, Infinite Ride© allows Burton to manufacture a snowboard that maintains a consistent feel season after season with enhanced durability their competitors can’t touch. During this process they put each board through conditions similar to those found during a hard-charging season on snow. Think of it this way: Just as some car manufacturers run the engines on their cars for 1,000 miles before you even drive it off the floor, Burton overbuilds a board and puts it through a performance-enhancing torture test that allows the board to retain its shape and ride characteristics throughout its life. It means Burton boards set the industry standard for safety, quality and durability. Straight from the shop to snow, and every season, your board will perform on another level.

We all know Burton has down the Playboy Bunny graphic collab deck (not the Love) and the Ducati collab deck. Would they go as far to do an Ed Hardy deck? I doubt it I’ll give Burton the benefit of the doubt but man is it kinda funny to think of somebody in VT coming back from a weekend raging in the meat packing district (write your own joke) and thinking “Man everybody is wearing Ed Hardy! They’re the shit. We gotta do a board with them.” Six months later it rolls off the line, everybody takes one look, everybody blinks and realizes that their target audience isn’t shopping for $50 Ed Hardy t-shirts at Nordstroms. Reality can be such a bitch. OK, stop laughing it’s not out the realm of possibility. What might be the best is the Obama deck being sold through the same store. I highly doubt the office of the president elect gave this a green light. Now Lib’s SKATE OBAMA, that was bad ass.

9 thoughts on “The Ed Hardy Snowboard and Obama Snowboard – You Can’t Make This Up

  1. Umm, ripping off what? Ed Hardy is a real person and was a legit tattoo artist of the highest caliber before licensing his art to a clothier. It’s a crafty bit of cross-promotion. Kinda like people watching Family Guy and then buying a shirt with Stewie on it.The only thing I’m going to say about the ‘adopted audience’ of the brand is the same thing I say whenever anyone rags on me just because I’m a snowboarder, ‘judge not.’ I’m not trying to have any part of the cycle of prejudicial bullshit. Hell, tattoo culture has a fair bit in common with snowboard culture. More than basketball and snowboarding have in common, for sure. If you’re gonna hate on Ed Hardy, let’s hear what you think about Nike. I’ve seen plenty of douchebags sporting the swoosh, too.

  2. Realistically how much do you think ED Hardy has to do with his clothing company besides having some so cal intern rip image out to the license apparel holder? I’d have to say very fucking little. He’s a brand bought and sold. As for Nike at least they acknowledge their place and give back to the industry via events ala tampa am etc.Oh and one more thing I’ll judge you right now. you elitist hippy. You’re a smelly yak!

  3. you know nothing about Don Ed Hardy or the clothing line. I think it's cool that they have the vintage inspired tattoo art on the boards.. And they are his designs and he is involved. You sound so ignorant like the guy who votes for the president of the US before learning anything about him.

  4. Yeah way to go Ed Hardy, rip off Burton's patent. It was funny as these guys sent me the PDF of this board and I noticed that right away I sent it right to Clark Gundlach at Burton, and he was like man….now we got to take care of business with these guys. Smart Move Ed Hardy – you should have used Magne Traction too

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