Burton Drops Uninc and Brings on the Easy Living

So here’s what I know: Burton not going forward with Uninc. That’s it. Done. No mas. Now yesterday this landed in my inbox but lets be honest where it came from: the Burton Message Board. Actually, you can pick a few resources but it’s pretty obvious the BMB always has this stuff first. There are a handful of riders on there who are probably more dialed into the inner workings of the Burton product line that Jake. Scary when you think about it in that aspect. On the other hand if Burton isn’t mining their feedback then they are fools.

OK, enough ass kissing of the BMB. Actually, one more thing, even better is to check out the Unoffocial 2010 Gear Blog which is a summary of the 2010 gear thread on the BMB. OK, now I’m really done blargin about the BMB. Lets try to focus. Gone is Uninc. Hello Easy Livin. Now we can proceed with the hate, bloggers suck, and quit stealing from BMB commentary. As for Burton lawyers I’m not too worried since they are busy fighting Croc wearing activist moms for the right to sell non nude boards. Plus a cease and desist would be kind of nice.

13 thoughts on “Burton Drops Uninc and Brings on the Easy Living

  1. if u do get this board be warned its very stiff. i demoed it at the us open and it was far to stiff to butter well and if u land somthing funny it will realy make u pay. however it is great for a powder day, good powder flex and realy caries u on top of the pow well. theo

  2. why are all burton boards changing to the ics channel? i like all these boards but hate burton bindings because the are shit and over priced. the least burton could do would be to make a converter plate. they would sell alot more boards and make alot more money because i know at least 30 guys who are going switching to ride boards just because of this ics channel.

  3. i disagree with anonymous. i had a chance to ride this board last month and it did not feel stiff at all. buttering was a piece of cake but it still holds a good edge. VERY fun on jumps as well. i felt comfortable on it from the first run. flying v sounds crazy but it works. great stick.

  4. Just bought the board= JACKED!!! now i gotta wait for the snow to come along to ride it.. m0isturizer I hope your right dude.. and i gotta just say, these boards aren't ugly at alll … f'n work of art

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