Read Ian Ruhter’s Photo Blog

Now I’m pretty sure I’ve never met Ian Ruhter. I know who he is because he takes some damn fine photos and for a various other snowboarding reasons. But his postings from Ian Ruhter.Blogspot as of late have been spot on and really interesting. If you are any type of photo oriented rider, or skater you probably already know about is site. On the other hand if you don’t you should really climb out from underneath your current rock and get educated. visit this site immediately. Having Ms. SouthoftheNorth being a photographer I get to see first hand the passion and dedication these artists put in their work. Ian is no exception.

What stuck me from his photos was the use of light as a known element or almost takes the role of a character. The instant connection for me was similar to reading a Ray Carver story and light is one of the characters you feel you know. OK, maybe it was deja vu but his techniques and ideas really had a nice vibe. Check out or

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