NHS Now Distributing Flip

Sometimes rumors do come true….

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- NHS Announces Distribution of Flip Skateboards
Dec 1, 2008- Santa Cruz, Calif.
NHS, one of skateboarding’s largest and most successful manufacturer/distributors, is
proud to welcome Flip Skateboards to its brand roster. NHS will utilize its global sales
and distribution reach to realize Flip’s full potential as a dominant skateboard brand.
Bob Denike, President and CEO of NHS had this to say, “The addition
of Flip strengthens our position to be the #1 skateboard supplier in
the industry. The NHS strategy is simple; strong brands across all
categories, innovative product development and working with the best
pro skaters; past, present and future. The Flip brand together with
the global Flip team are a powerful and welcome addition to the NHS
group. And frankly, it’s about f*#king time!”
“With Flip’s move to NHS and the upcoming “Extremely Sorry” video release, all the
pieces of
the puzzle are now in place to put Flip right at the top!”- Kelly Jablonski, CEO- Ultimate
Distribution, Canada
“Flip and NHS, 2 of the biggest and best skateboard companies in the
world, have now joined together making NHS a 1-stop shop!” -Chris
Allen, President- Shiner, UK
“We are really excited to welcome Flip Skateboards to the NHS family,” says Holly
Anderson, NHS Senior Sales Manager. “The Flip addition diversifies our brand selection
even more. We truly satisfy all our customer needs with the industry’s leading deck,
wheel, and truck brands.”
“The timing of the NHS-Flip agreement is actually really good- our sales team is stronger
than it’s ever been and our ability to deliver product globally is running smoother than
ever. Flip heavily strengthens NHS without cannibalizing sales of our existing brands
and product.” Jeff Kendall, VP- NHS
“I am proud and honored that the rich histories of both NHS and Flip Skateboards have
come together. With the support of NHS and the strength of the Flip brand and team it’s a
win-win situation. The timing could not have been more perfect!” Geoff Rowley, Pro
Skater, co-owner – Flip Skateboards
Jeremy Fox, Flip founder, says” This move makes perfect sense for the Flip brand as well
as for NHS as our new distribution partner, and we feel that there is great
synergy between the two companies both in terms of business direction and commitment
to skateboarding.”
About NHS Inc.
NHS Inc. was founded in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay
Shuirman. NHS Inc. is Independent Truck Company & Apparel, Krux Trucks,
Ricta Wheel Dynamics, Mob Grip, Nor Cal Clothing, Creature Skateboards
and sh#t, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Surfboards, Snowboards & Apparel,
Bullet Skateboards & Safety Gear, Skateboarding Is Not A Crime, designarium and
Strangenotes.com. For more information about NHS Inc. and our brands,
visit http://www.nhs-inc.com. “

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