How to Avoid Shopping Hell Part 2: C-3 Shop

Last week was a pure clusterfuck in the world of American automotive manufacturing. I guess that serves them right for creating massive POS vehicles for the past 20 years. Seriously, you think these cats would have learned their lesson post Japanese car invasion of the 70’s-80’s. Nope, instead the built ’em bigger and badder. Well, that bubble has recently gone pop and I find it hard to believe that one of them won’t go out of business. On the flip side the economic crunch is hitting lots of industries right now but you know who isn’t going out of business right now? C-3. At least I’m pretty sure they aren’t.

I should have checked with Johan on that first. But, in my valiant effort to put some knowledge in your head screw fact checking and lets get this dialed in right away to see what’s available to you through the C-3 shop. You see holiday shopping can be about more than just lots of stuff. Yes, it can be about the one or two unique things you find. Over at C-3 shop there’s more unique weirdness than a convention for transgender midgets.

Now you can purchase whatever you want and believe me from samples to stragglers there’s some interesting stuff to be had. However, there is nothing more interesting than the binding collection to be scooped up. While 2008 may go down as the year of collab mania gone awry it’s nice to see Union (C-3 binder brand at large) kept in all in check with some well thought out plans. Lets count off the three or four collabs that Union has taken on that are kinda rad.

KFC Binder – No my style but holy crap did they blow this one out yet again. In a world where I am getting older and snowboarding getting younger this makes sense.

Iuter Clan – Yep, Super limited and solid design. Can’t find them in your local shop? no problem.

Advita Collab – Hello Frenchy. Graphically speaking this binder looks pretty much better than Advita’s street wear. Again, I’m an old man take my fashion tips at face value.

On Board Collab – it makes me wonder why the smallest media players in the space have the common sense to make this stuff happen and Transworld puts out a movie they expect you to buy. Hmmmm.

Now, does this make Union the best binding in the land? I’m not sure. I’ve only ridden a handful of their products and the results have left me pleased. This does mean C-3 is smarter than most companies by not only selling direct but selling some of their limited pieces direct. That’s smart business and good for the consumers as well. Meaning, if you are looking to avoid a pain in the ass of waiting in line outside some Burton or Core store at 2 AM to get a limited edition binder now you have another resource.

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