Band Brains Gets More Supreme

Amazing what the Google mail will deliver to my inbox whether I want it or not. It appears the guys in Bad Brains and the holier than thou NYC/ LA/ Tokyo/ Quad Cities, Iowa (OK, maybe not) collective of Supreme is rolling out another collaboration with Bad Brains. I get it in the sense they are pioneers in hard core but man from what I heard their show at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. recently sucked more than Jenna Jameson video. Seriously, historic night in the District with our new President coming in and apparently they mailed it in. Then again they went on before some shitty hip hop band that uses french horns. I would mail it in as well.

So I wonder if we’ll ever start seeing some of the post-hardcore bands actually rise up and get this collab going. I doubt Mike Watt would have much to do with it or Dismemberment plan but it would be funny to get their read on stuff like this. Check out the Bad Brains stuff below if that’s your thing. November 29th if you feel like going out hunting.


Bad Brains/Supreme

The second installment of the Brains/Supreme series will consist of two t-shirts and a hooded sweatshirt. All items were produced from original artwork supplied by Bad Brains.

Available at the NY, LA and web stores on November 24th. Available in Japan store locations on November 29th.

Additionally, F/W 08 third delivery t-shirts will also be released.

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