Hollywood Trainwreck: Shaun White’s Video Game Release Party

Over the past week my google alert has been pretty much blowing up due to the fact that Shaun White’s video game was released. Usually I’d read a review of the game but this being a busy time of the year I pretty much ignored the daily influx of alerts. Oh, I could not have been more mistaken in my actions. No, this was a quite the buffet of unintentional comedy and after a spat of insomnia I flipped thru a few pages of pics. What did I find? More c-list celebs and just general oddities than you can shake a stick at.

I imagine these Hollywood PR fests are not unlike a rejected scene in ‘Entourage’ where they take every e-mail possible and send out a spam sized blast. The beauty of the train wreck is to see who shows up in the official backdrop. In the Warholian world where everybody is famous for 15 minutes including skaters, snowboarders and some surfers who have dated Pam Anderson getting PR becomes part of your life. The sad thing is when you see just how low the benchmark is set for action sports “stars”. Maybe Hollywood’s A-list was burned out from Tony Hawk’s Stand Up for Skate parks benefit but those that lust for fame came out for the game release. This just goes to show you can be on the cover of Rolling Stone and well…you’re still just a snowboarder. Albeit one with Millions of dollars, your own video game, a Lamborghini and yeah you were on the cover of Rolling Stone before they pussed out and went to smaller magazine size.

So Shaun is still the man to some extent and like they say those who laugh hardest are the ones who cash the big ass royalty checks. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some gold old fashioned picture commentary.

This is easy: a shot of Shaun playing the video game. Nothing really funny but, good to see him actually tapping away on the console.

This random shot of some guy with the Iron Sheik could quite possibly be one the best things to happen to snowboarding since Bakoda has an advertisement of batboy saying “That’s not where you put a rake!” Clearly nothing to do with video games or Shaun White just getting that press whenever and where ever. The ultimate non-sequitor.

The label said Brittany Gastineau. She had a reality show. I’m guessing it was called: “I Want to look like Brooke Shields” or “Brittany Gastineau: side boob at large”

OK, there was an entire write up on who this was but all I could think was how can she be so happy as her pelvis is being crushed? Actually she is from ‘The Hills’. I can now shoot myself for having written antying about that MTV train wreck.

When the fuck did Cher get neck tats? Ohhhhh it’s that chick who did decks for Bam and Mike V. Enough said.

No clue. But, side bar here, when I was in college for a few semesters outside of Pittsburgh I’d see this type of chick all the time. I imagine this is what South Western PA transplants look like in Hollywood. Somebody told me she was from ‘the Hills’. If they mean Forrest Hills or North Hills they are correct.

Again another ‘Burgh chick or a playboy bunny who didn’t quite “make it” to the magazine.

America Olivo, the new “token hot chick with a well stocked gun rack” is available for award shows, openings, release parties and PR events. Book time now.

Hey it’s Kelly Osbourne, I thought she was deported. Instead its rumored she’s trying out for the female lead in the Orange County Repertory theater version of ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas.’

Hey it’s Bam and he’s not skating. Imagine that.

Like I said. Imagine that

Awwwww it’s Shaun and Tila Tequilla. Maybe it’s the aftershock of Halloween but doesn’t her head look like a jack-o-lantern pinata?

This guy is Sam Raimi’s brother. Sam directed ‘Spiderman’. His brother pictured above gets the coveted “That Guy” award of all time. You know when you look at somebody in a movie who clearly you’ve seen before and say “Hey! It’s that Guy!” Bill Simmons was right.

Finally, It’s somebody from American Idol. Personally I was hoping for the token “drunk Paula Abdul” shot but no such luck. Instead we get this reality show randomness. So the conclusion here is that Shaun White really needs to get a better PR firm. Seriously, if the you’re pulling the Iron Sheik in the door you might want to screen the invites a bit more. Actually strike that the Iron Sheik Classes up the joint and at least some of the ladies are good looking. All in all a tremendous assortment of random reality TV and teeny bopper celebs. The reality of Hollywood is that: those who are famous don’t go to things like this or are self confident enough that they can avoid the spectacle. But, it seems everybodies plan did work out in the end. Even I blogged about it.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood Trainwreck: Shaun White’s Video Game Release Party

  1. Remember when people didn’t like snowboarders? And playing videogames wasn’t very cool?Pretty soon, owning two Maine Coon cat’s is going to be the new hot ish and watch out buddy, I’m going to be taking over with a vengeance.

  2. Man I thought the Iron Shiek died thats pretty priceless. Kind of like the time Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka graced my local town fair with his presence. Shortly after that steroid abuse increased along with white trash pregnancy.

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