Snow Notes #0 Mark Landvik on the Radar

I typically don’t follow the life and times of pros. Actually, strike that, I never follow the life and times of snowboard pros. Not unless there’s some really good material to be found for future snarky comments. Some pro’s though, transcend that and demand attention. No matter how big a pile they may be (Whittlake, possibly Kass?) or reluctant rock star mantle they assume(the Kelly-Iguchi-Rice trifecta) there will always be somebody on the rise who you can’t ignore. Today that guy happens to be Mark Landvik.

Landvik was poppin’ up over the past couple of years in some vids as a true all mountain rider who may or may not have been the one who was credited with returning snowboarding to snow. Nothing against handrails and wall rides. Actually if you check out a recent shred show Fuel TV you’ll see Lando throwing down some wall rides and sparkin’ up the concrete. Pretty cool in it’s own weird sort of way.

Now Mark has a pro model out with Lib based off the infamous Jamie Lynn Phoenix shape and you better bet your ass he’s taking advantage of the 160 cm banana traction stick of choice. It may not have the uber-rolled up tail but it still looks pretty mean. Seriously, demo day can’t get here fast enough. More importantly go buy yerself a copy of ‘That’s it, That’s All’ and check out Mark’s method at 45:19 into the film. Just raw style on display in the most stylish trick in snowboarding. Oh yeah, one more thing he’s putting it down in Alaska. That’s a different breed of rider and the kind who you watch come down a mountain and it makes you say: “I want to go do that!”

I’ll be tuning into Fuel TV’s daily habit tonight to watch what he’s got to say and more importantly see what’s coming up this season for this guy. Banked slalom at Baker? Filming? OK, now I’m intrigued: what’s next for Landvik.

As they say the devil is in the details….

Airing Wednesday, November 12, at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (6:00 pm Pacific Time) and telecast three additional times, Mark Landvik and Dave Parsa will appear on The Daily Habit.

Today, taking time from his never-ending quest for powder, pro snowboarder Mark Landvik drops in to talk about his part in the new film “That’s it, That’s All.” Plus, director Dave Parsa is here to talk about his new documentary “LIVE: A Music and Surfing Experience.” Also, we head over to Hollywood to check in with Chris Cote at the 2008 Life Rolls On event.

Mark Landvik’s sponsors include: Vans, Lib Tech, Anon, Volcom, Estate Hats, and Drop Gloves.

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