The Tampa Am is Coming! The Tampa Am is Coming!

By this point in time everybody should know that I think Skate Park of Tampa is one of the last standing outposts of skateboaridng. Almost as if they are an outpost in a currently evolving culture. Now Spotlight productions their event company has got so many events on lock it’s silly but their flagship events remain the Tampa Am and the Tampa Pro. Apparently getting into the Tampa Am is now a bit more select and why shouldn’t it be. That’s what we want to see the best of a new generation out there skating. Or to quote Rob Meronek

“If you’re unsponsored or only shop sponsored, don’t email me to get in Tampa Am. Just kidding. A little. I’m happy to check your footage. Just keep the roid rage jock rock out. It’s harder to get into Tampa Am as a random, but if you’re ripping, you can get a Damn Am spot where top 12 make it to Tampa Am December without having to fight your way in. PJ Castellano is probably the only unsponsored guy in Tampa Am this year. If you’ve got a swtich flip like this you might have a chance.”

Check out Skatepark of

The bar is set pretty high but that’s a good thing.

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