Tony Hawk the Dancing Machine, Zoo Yorks Latest, Bummer in Big Sky and Podcasting Hosoi

Simply put, what a crazy ass week. Nothing like taking a nice hiatus to put the brain on vacation for awhile. But, wouldn’t you know it that the minute I come back the crazy factor gets cranked up. All in all the week was weird. I didn’t expect to get a nice link from the crew at Hypebeast and send up the November Nike SB Drops. I also didn’t think I’d find myself awake at 3 pm getting pissed off about what I believe is a total BS marketing scam. That’s the way my brain works and luckily I’m the one on the receiving end of my actions. That’s blargin’ for you. That being said it’s time to wrap things up so I can start counting down the hours and minutes to some skating, possibly writing and hitting up the Convoy 10 Stair challenge. I would go to the Pitcrew reunion but fuck it a 4 minute drive vs.a 45 minute drive. WWSOTND? (What would south of the North do? Go judge the convoy 10 stair that’s what. Here we go.

Tony Hawk: Best and Worst in One Week
Wow, I know Tony’s a cool guy, savvy businessman and all but did he really need that fuckin’ guitar hero money? That single handily has to be the weakest ad I’ve seen in just shy of forever starring a number of personalities. I like how they made him wear a helmet so he was more recognizable. I can see the director now …

“OK, A-rod …Yankees sha-mankees! I need you to channel Jimmy Page. Tony, Birdboy I need you to skate out with this drum kit and please wear this helmet we can’t be getting sued. Michael Phelps?!?!?!? Where’s the fish boy? OK, golden swimmer please try to invoke a shred of personality. Kobe, Black Mamba, quit hitting on the catering girl and keep it in your pants. This is Hollywood, not Aspen. OK, ACTION!”

OK, maybe that’ a bit harsh but there are enough skateboarding gone Hollywood pricks who act like that so I figure the real thing must be somewhat closer.

So that’s the worst on the flip side Tony was paired up with Actor/Director John Favreau(Swingers, Elf, Iron Man) on the Sundance Channel show Iconoclasts. Now, Tony’s a very smart guy and Favreau has done some real solid movies so this actually was entertaining to watch.

Hopefully somebody TIVO’d that shit or it’ll show up on Hulu. Check it out.

Zoo York Shoes: It’s Beginning to look Like Christmas
I catch plenty of flack for posting Nike SB updates when there are so many other shoe companies out there. There’s no better place to catch a sneak peak of all the fanciness that is dropping in the form of gnar boots than the now months old Action Sports Retail show.

Now Vans and DC always are worth looking at mostly because they continue to push the artistic aspect along with the technology side. Plus, they both have genuine throwback shoes of a long passed era when skating was simple and people were more focused on just having a shoe for skating than a freakin’ cooler of skate shoes. That’s an important fact that sometimes gets lost.

Recently rising up on the footwear side has been Zoo York. Now avoid the shoes with the giant logos and you should be OK but when I sat down to check them out at ASR in September there were definitely a few that caught my eye. In my short stint of living in Pittsburgh through my college yeas I went through an assortment of shoes including Etnies, Vans and the long dead Sheep Shoes. Back then I could find any number of clean lined shoes to wear while pushing through the Iron City. When Greg from Zoo pulled out the Laguardia and Elmhurst it was like I was right back.

The Laguardia was suede while the Elmhurst had a perforated leather thing going. Part skate shoe. Part bodega run through (say it with me kids Boh-Day Guh) for your essential pit stop these were pretty clean. Now, I catch plenty of shit for somethings but again these were super clean. Can’t wait to see how they skate.

Big Sky Bummer: Paul Overby Fundraiser
I don’t like getting bad news but sometimes you gotta just suck it up and post this stuff. Sadly Paul Overby was severely beaten Over a month ago. Now he needs assistance with his medical bills. I firmly believe that despite trends, companies and loyalties we all are still skaters and riders at heart. That means we take care of our own. Help Paul out if you can.

Paul Overby, a Big Sky local snowboarder and snowboard instructor was nearly beaten to death in Bozeman on September 17th for trying to stop two idiots from stealing his friend’s moped. Paul’s medical bills are estimated to be in the $2,000,000 range and his friends and family are reaching out for assistance with these expenses. A fundraiser for Paul, the First Annual “Pillage in the Village”, will be held on November 14th. The “Pillage” will be a full on family friendly festival including product raffles, film festival, live music and even a rail jam (conditions permitting).

For more details, visit here and Paul’s website for updates on how his recovery is going as well as ways you can help.

Please contact Liz Wells for more information about the event or to find out how you can help.

If you’re anywhere near Bozeman get up there and have a great time while helping out a fellow snowboarder. If you’re not, do what you can do to help out.

More Hosoi Than You Want

…or maybe you can’t enough. Christian Hosoi for one reason o another is back in the limelight skating a few bowl contests. Maybe he juts wants to hear Dave Duncan mess up his tricks as well. Either way check out his podcast clip edited by the bro-brah guys at Quiksilver. 

Mental note to to Quiksilver, it’ll take more than a podcast to correct that falling stock price

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