Vans, Vans and More Vans

Hell as long as we are talking about sneakers lets take a break from the Nike SB and talk about Vans. Recently Alpine out my way picked up Vans. They’ve sold the snow gear for years but as the shop outside D.C. continues to push into skate they have started bringing in new things. Sticking to the standards is always a good idea.

Hey it’s Halloween imagine that!

Half cabs, of course.

Finally, on top of all the skate, snow and one in a very blue moon surf session I do try to commute almost everywhere via bike. When I can, however I can, bike is the way to go. I’m a firm believer that 2 wheels are better than hopping in your car and driving seven miles to sit in a cube. On a recent visit to vans this summer (X games maybe?) I got hooked up with a few pairs from the chain and cog pack. Considering the bike project I have in development these should come in handy. Don’t worry it’s not a fixie/lifestyle site. I can’t do that. But, regarding the shoes the ripstop upper is supper help because chain rings are pesky bitches and the reflective piping is an incredible touch because hey I don’t like getting hit by cars.

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