The Guest Board

The never ending pursuit of cash in skating is a funny thing. On one hand you have companies that experience the true rise and fall of any popular brand. I remember not to long ago you couldn’t watch an ollie without thee out of every five being some variant of a shitty Bam Margera board from Element. On the other hand you have companies that have staying power most likely based on their dedication and hard earned marketing dollars going to rep their image. But, in seeing the wide variety of boards out there I tend to try and stay local when it comes to purchasing new wood so I’ll be hopping on a good old fashioned Convoy deck whilst I hunt down the suckers who swiped my other boards but enough about my misery. Lets talk about guest boards…

I took a quick cruise through the wood selection over on a Midwest wholesalers site this coupled with exploring a few companies websites showed me that the guest board is still alive and kicking. I remember seeing Krooked do this when they first came out. I’m sure others did it before them but the Krooked graphics and names stuck out: Natas, Jovantae Turner and host of others have had their limited run show up on Krooked. Seeing Ben Schroeder get the guest deck made sense. Ben pretty much kills every transition he stumbles on. P-Rod? Sure why not. I know lots of people out there say he’s too robotic but fuck it. He kills it. Chris Miller? If you need to ask why. leave this page. So those all kind of make sense.

The other side was looking at the Black Label board for Cardiel and Gino. Yeah, to me and maybe it’s because Epicly Later’d ended with Cardiel and picked up with Gino these just reak of commercial nostalgia. Hopefully the Label is killing it all the way to the cash register. Stereo is living proof that you can resuscitate a brand based on nostalgia and make it into something new. I’d even say Stereo is more fun this go around. But, what do I know. So if guest boards are what it takes to sell decks shit, go for it. I actually vaguely recall somebody saying in a video recently that Cardiel’s boards were one of the things keeping the label afloat through lean times.

Bottom line is: economy sucks, make the money where you can I guess. Or, you can keep looking around and buying up local boards like Convoy, and others who may be growing bigger…5 Boro etc. I do wonder if the Krooked deck is such a badge of honor that Plan B and others just don’t give a crap. At the end of the day there are bigger things to worry about. Right?

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