Reader Questions aka You Ask, I Answer: Union Iuter Clan Bindings

So now we enter the Winter phase of the programming which is always a kinda-sorta fun thing. I’ve got a few sneak attack tricks p my sleeve for this winter and most of them involve video so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime (cue helmet) gear reviews are returning! Also coming into the mix I’m going to start answering reader questions posted up in the comments. First up that sparked wider interest was around Union Binders.

No doubt for the 2008 -2009 season Union has stepped up their game. First we see them sign Danny Kass, Bring back the KFC and then the Iuter Clan binder gets set to drop. Understanding that limited actually means…lmited Union is keeping these in short supply. Not unlike my old Ride SPI Budweiser Binders these will actually be in high demand. So in a previous post I found the question…

“the new iuter clan model looks sick, any idea of when you are gonna be able to get a hold of a pair?”

That’s a good question. rather than me saying “oh snap, these are dope” and being a bargain basement hypebeast why not cut to the chase. Where can you get these things? So In this instance it’s best to go right to the source … Johan Malkoski, C3 Worldwide sales manager. Now, sales guys I find tend to have the best idea of whats going on at any given time in any given company. Why? Their salary usually depends on product actually shipping. Stuff doesn’t ship. People aren’t going to order again. Plus Johan is all sorts of jacked up on the interwebs. he gets it.

So, after finding out he was all sorts of injured with a broken shoulder I figured he’s have plenty of tiem to answer my in-depth investigative journalistic questions:

Can riders get ’em now?

When can i review a pair?

Johan replied:

“… there will be 50 available in the states and those are going to be released to shops next week…”

He then went on to mumble something about painkillers. OK, so here’s the deal I got this note last week so that means these are dropping this week. In other words…start calling your local shops

One thought on “Reader Questions aka You Ask, I Answer: Union Iuter Clan Bindings

  1. Word…the bad wings getting better. Anyway, the Iuters are available at these shops: Alpine Ski Shop, 3 Ride Shop, Milosport, Boards N Motion, Method Board Shop, Outlaw Boards, Hidden Valley Resort, Revival, The Click, Youthshelter, The House, Martini Snow and Skate, Shred Shop, Cal Surf, Les Moise, EVO and Snocon. These the KFC’s and Danny Kass’s just left our warehouse today to these shops. Should be up 4 sale next week.Thanks Johnny.

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