From Fuel TV: Built to Shred Premiering 9/28

So as some of you know…may not know I also do a little writing for the Fuel TV website. I was happy to see they sent me advance screener of Built to Shred which was the better part of American Misfits. Built to shred is getting it’s own show and here’s the write up that appears over on Fuel.TV. yes, I actually like the show then again I also like building stuff in general. Skating and building? They are two great tastes that taste great together! Here we go….

Finding the inspiration to go skate as you get older can be trying. Now, it’s not that I don’t want to go skate. Of course I “want to” but when faced with the litany of things you have to do (work, various chores, and…work) versus the things you want to do (kick it with the family, go skate, shoot the breeze with friends or something simple like read a book) there comes a time when you have to prioritize. Usually, skating falls down on the priority list because the bills don’t pay themselves and being around the family is important. Lucky for me I get regular doses of inspiration to grab my deck, run out and work on something new. The latest of these came from Fuel TV’s show ‘Built to Shred’.

Yeah, I know conflict of interest sign up ahead. Blah freakin’ blah. Here’s the thing: I legitimately like watching ‘Built to Shred’ because it transports me back to being 14 years old and swiping wood from construction sites to build ramps. That was when skating (for me) was raw, pure and uninterrupted by adulthood. On the other hand Jeff King has found the perfect way to hype skatings DIY roots and make it pretty entertaining. I’ll more than likely never have time to bust the high grade construction projects they perform on the show but I am getting some ideas. A few ghetto ramps may have started to appear on my block as we try to get some strange, wonderful and weird new features going. You see several neighbors are doing home renovation’s and we’ve had plenty of supplies to use. Hey, if its there … why not?

So long story short , at my ripe old age I need a kick in the pants at times. That’s OK though probably a part of getting older. When I’m sitting behind the computer writing about skateboarding it never equals the joy of skateboarding. Watching skating on TV will never equal the fun of pushing along on a board to the next spot. But, when I get a little inspiration from a bearded builder like Jeff King it’s a good thing. For more information on Built to Shred Check out Jeff King on Fuel TV’s Daily Habit Monday September 22 and more importantly Built to Shred premiers September 28th on Fuel TV. Check your local listings so you can turn on, build out and drop in.

I wonder if I can get these guys to build a ramp in my backyard?

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