All Talk, All State, All Time

Time sure does fly when your trying to “survive” the work week. No joke since returning from way out West there has been a steady stream of crisis, life events and tom foolery that has really prevented me from writing too much. Hopefully we can change that up. A few things of note popped up on my radar this week.

First up was the long rumored inclusion of Brian Wenning and Ryan Gallant onto the Circa roster via local Circa rep. OK, nothing shocking there but the best was the rumor on how Wenning got the boot from DC. Again, it’s rumored that Wenning flipped out at some Zumiez/journeys type signing that his signature shoe wasn’t in the store. Takes it to the point where he gets into it with some department store henchman and is removed from the scene and the DC team. The punchline is his contract stated his shoe was to not appear in any of those stores. or maybe it was Gallant…see it’s all rumors and heresay. C’est la vie.

Oh if only it were true. You can’t make this shit up.

The other things was the Berrics using Ning to drop their own little custom white label social network in the first part of the week ala Ning is clever little DIY social network and group tool founded by Marc Andreesen of Netscape fame. Good for those who are into building groups. Think of it as on steroids. Does the Berrics have enough traffic to warrant this? Sure, I’m guessing they do. After all the service is uber cheap. I’m still waiting for a buttery ass Monday widget for Facebook. I need some catsup sandwiches and soup to give out as gifts.

The other part in the path of Berrictacular dominance was the drop of the canteen. Yep, you can get your Berrics gear. I’ll be honest I didn’t see this coming but yeah, it’s still kinda funny. I hope these guys take this shit as far as they can.

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