What the Crap Went on in Chicago?

First up, don’t eve call it Chi-Town. Nothing says I’m a kook more than calling Chicago Chi-Tow (Pronounced shy-townn)but I digress… My roots to the North Side run pretty deep and despite having spent the majority of my years in the South of the North I did my time in Upstate NY proudly with a Cubs hat on on and rooting for the Rhino. Hey, if Koston can trip out on L.A.’s lame Lakers I can root for the Cubs. Also, don’t say Cubbies…seriously. Never.

Moving on, last night Bob Burnquist sang ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ during their glorious seventh inning stretch. Now, I don’t have anything against the mega ramp champ but Boil the Ocean clearly summed up his sucking the best. Even better is somebody trying to unload the Burnquist prize pack. A few things come to mind. yeah, why would anybody in Chicago give a crap about Burnquist. Know your audience for crying out loud.

Next up, they should have Will Ferrell imitate Hary Caray and just sing the Anthem all the time. Just pre record it and put it on the jumbotron. Seriously.

One thought on “What the Crap Went on in Chicago?

  1. Hah, too bad there’s no jumbo-tron at Wrigley, they keep it real there. Will Ferrell has sung the stretch with a Harry Caray-esque impersonation. Although he could have been drunk like the 75% of fans that were in attendance.

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